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World class scientists gather August 11th for Conference on Medicinal Development of Cannabis

World class scientists gather August 11th for Conference on Medicinal Development of Cannabis

Rochester, N.Y., August 6, 2020 — The 2020 Virtual Conference on the Medicinal Development of Cannabis and Cannabinoids will be streamed online August 11th from 1pm-6pm EST, keynoted by world renowned scientist Dr. Ethan Russo.

The event is being hosted by Rochester based NY HempLab and United Scientific Group, an internationally recognized organization committed to scientific education and excellence. This half day symposium will explore the cutting edge research and development in medical cannabis and cannabinoids, both plant based and synthetic, from around the world.
Event chair, Harold Smith, PhD in molecular and cell biology and Professor at the University of Rochester said:

“Most people working in the medicinal Cannabis space agree that there needs to be greater validation of how cannabinoids and terpenes target human biology when delivered alone and in plant derived combination products. To know how Cannabis ‘works’ in the body one needs to understand the chemistry that is effecting change, known in the pharmacology industry as the Active Pharmacological Ingredient or API. In other words, which cannabinoids are necessary and sufficient to effect a change in human health. Our conference will bring together world renown experts whose work seeks to understand the medicinal value of cannabinoids as individual synthetic compounds or as full spectrum cannabinoids produced from natural or genetically selected plants. Science is the foundation from which the medical and business opportunities in medicinal Cannabis will be realized and we are excited to be part of this cutting edge conversation.”

Register for the 2020 Virtual Conference at the Medicinal Development of Cannabis and Cannabinoids at to hear topics and speakers including:

  • Composition, variability and medicinal use of Cannabis — Ethan Russo, MD. Founder and CEO of CReDO Science.
  • Research into cannabis for development of medical products and selection of specific cannabis strains- Hinanit Koltai, PhD — Senior Research Scientist at the Volcani Center, Israel.
  • Regulatory Considerations for Development and Approval of Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceutical Products — Josh Hoerner, PhD. Chief Innovation Officer at Purysis.
  • Cannabis extracts for prevention and treatment of COVID19 –Igor Kovalchuk, PhD Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Lethbridge, Canada.
  • Frontiers of commodity-scale production of cannabinoids and related molecules –Jay Noller, PhD. Director of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University.
  • Evolution of Cannabinoid Diversity in Cannabis – What Have We Learned From Genomes, Genomics and Biochemistry? — Bernd Markus- Lange, PhD. Professor at the Institute of Biological Chemistry and Washington State University.

“We’re excited to bring this world class educational event online for participants across the world to access in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Steve VanDeWalle, CEO of Tiva Naturals and co-organizer of the event.

See the full agenda:

Tickets for the event are $99 and can be purchased using this link:

Event Chair: Harold Smith, PhD,
Event Organizer: Steve VanDeWalle, MBA
Event Organizer: Zach Sarkis,

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