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What Is a Press Release and Why You Should Use a Press Release(s)

Press releases are vital to a business’s online marketing. Whether announcing a new product, service or event, businesses can continually submit press releases to help stay visible to consumers. Here are a few reasons why press releases can be used by a business:

  • Promote a new product or service – If you want to announce a new product, service or event, you can submit a press release and quickly get your news found on major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) and on social media networks by using a press release distribution service, such as
  • Instant worldwide distribution – Before online press release websites, press releases were sent only to journalists. If the journalists didn’t deem the press release worthy of writing an article about, the press release would be filed away in storage. Nowadays, press releases can be instantly distributed to millions of people around the world via the internet and email. Journalists will often republish press releases on their company’s website, newspaper, or magazine.
  • Go Viral – Online press releases can go viral if people and journalists begin to share it, which will create a buzz that was never possible with traditional press releases.
  • Be discovered by journalists  – When your press release is distributed it gets seen by thousands of journalists. Some of these journalists will mention your business, product, and/or service in their article(s) – which leads to more publicity for your business.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – By using specific keywords that relate to your business, you can optimize your press release so people can easily find your business’s information through search engine use.
  • Improve company branding – Because it has become so easy to submit press releases, businesses can easily send out as many press releases as they want. Publishing more press releases more often is a great way to improve your business’s branding.
  • Expand public knowledge – By adding links within a press release, businesses can direct readers to even more information about what they offer.
  • Portability – People can read press releases anywhere on the Web or on their smartphones.
  • Use images to drive interest – Press releases now include images, which means you can convey your message and news stories in more interesting ways than ever before. Images also have potential to go viral.

Press releases offer many foreseeable and unforeseeable opportunities for your business to gain recognition and visibility. All it takes is that one journalist, investor, or consumer to find your press release and help your business grow substantially.


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