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With First 20 Dispensary Licenses Issued, Massachusetts Joins Medical Marijuana States

With First 20 Dispensary Licenses Issued, Massachusetts Joins Medical Marijuana States

Boston, MA  February 18, 2014

Massachusetts has finally joined the other 20 states that permit the use of Marijuana for medical purposes. At the end of January 20, licenses were issued to dispensaries judged to be the finest of the more than 200 businesses that applied. “We are pleased to announce that qualified patients will soon have full access to marijuana for medical use in Massachusetts,” said MMJ Program Executive Director Karen van Unen in a statement to Boston Magazine.

Karen van Unen indicated that dispensaries were selected based upon the quality of their applications as well as the locations where they desired to open their dispensaries. Location is a consideration because of the sensitivities of local populations as well as a desire to serve the entire state instead of densely populated areas. Hundreds of jobs are expected to be created by the growing industry, and patient accessibility was also a big consideration. Van Unden will be working over the next year to get a patient and caregiver registration database up and running in order to better serve patients.

As Massachusetts opens its first dispensaries medical marijuana suppliers are getting ready to make sure that they have what they need to meet their states strict packaging requirements. A Representative for A&A Packaging, a California-based supplier of dispensary supplies says that his company is well-prepared to meet the soaring demand for marijuana containers. “We are thrilled to see the growth of the medical marijuana industry in Massachusetts,” the representative says “This is a sign of more states opening up to medical marijuana, putting the well being of patients ahead of old prejudices.”

Along with Massachusetts, 10 other states have pending medical marijuana legislation on their legislative agenda. This is a part of a national movement toward legalization that is putting patients first and following the medical community’s consensus on the medical viability of marijuana. “We are well supplied and more than able to meet the needs of dispensaries in medical marijuana states, even with rising demand in states that are legalizing for recreational purposes such as Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska. We are ready to supply Massachusetts with packaging supplies complaint with all of its state requirements.”

A&A Packaging believes that the medical marijuana industry should be treated as a legitimate enterprise, just like the pharmaceutical industry. As such, the California-based company only supplies high quality items with a professional service, to ensure that customers’ medicine is kept not only fresh, but safe, meeting all regulations. They specialize in child proof storage containers, made from a variety of packaging mediums such as pharmaceutical grade plastic, durable acrylic and glass. To learn more about how A&A packaging can help with your marijuana packaging and supplies please call 1(888)315-2453 or visit their site at

For more information on Massachusetts’ issuance of medical marijuana licenses please Boston Magazine’s article of 1/31/2013:

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