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New White-Label Mobile App For Dispensaries Aims To Increase Sales and Patient Loyalty

New White-Label Mobile App For Dispensaries Aims To Increase Sales and Patient Loyalty

 Denver, CO (MJbizwire) May 27, 2014

Legal marijuana dispensaries are notoriously plagued by problems of customer retention.  A new mobile app from addresses this problem with a one of a kind solution.

 Medical marijuana dispensaries almost universally are facing problems of high turnover customer loyalty and patient retention.  The highly competitive field finds different dispensaries often engaged in price wars involving coupons, deep discounts and other tactics which make it easy for customers to jump from dispensary to dispensary.  Dispensary Mobile has approached this problem with a unique solution – a new iPhone and Android app that makes staying connected with customers, keeping their loyalty and increasing profits all much simpler and easy.

 “The main way to keep customers from being lured away in our industry is to stay connected,”  commented Nash Ryker, a partner in the company.  “Our app offers all the perks and conveniences that consumers are looking for in a mobile app, such as a live menu and coupons, but without exposing your patients to all your competitor’s deals and ads every time they use it.  Which is what’s happening on the popular mobile apps their using now, such as WeedMaps and Leafly.”

 The mobile app makes delivering and redeeming exclusive mobile specials quick and easy in an innovative way designed to enhance the patient’s cannabis shopping experience.  Since the service is offered as white-label, it will be branded uniquely to each dispensary and will save them the $15k+ it would normally cost to develop a similar app on their own.

In this ever-connected digital internet-age we live in, modern cannabis consumers expect mobile connectivity, and that’s exactly what the app provides.  After all, a successful dispensary needs to think outside of the box to retain customers and keep them coming back over the long-term if they hope to prosper and be successful in a market that is sure to become more competitive as time goes on.

 Demos are being offered at and so far the app has been quick to receive an enthusiastic response.

 Tom J., from California recently said,  “Our MMj collective and delivery service is in a very competitive area.  Maybe the most competitive in our state if not the country.  After looking into the Dispensary Mobile app I know this going to be hugely useful and will change the way our business model works for the better.  I tip my hat to the developers for a job well done.”

For more information or to request a demo visit


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