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Leader in White Label Crowdfunding Company, CrowdFundConnect, Receives Financing from Greenleaf Joint Ventures For Budding Industry

Leader in White Label Crowdfunding Company, CrowdFundConnect, Receives Financing from Greenleaf Joint Ventures For Budding Industry

Chicago, IL (MJbizwire) October 9, 2014

CrowdFundConnect, the leading white label crowdfunding site, announced today that it has secured seed funding of $250,000 from Greenleaf Joint Ventures. The funding will accelerate the company’s initiative for an online joint adventure in the budding cannabis industry and will allow accredited investors to build a diversified portfolio with investments as low as $1000 in the country’s fastest growing industry.

CrowdFundConnect will use the financing to expand business development which will increase investment opportunities on, the first and only online equity based investment system for accredited investors dedicated to the cannabis industry. The financing is intended to drive the company’s growth in order to be further expanded by its online investor based initiative.

“Investing in a future that will benefit generations to come is the basis of how our decisions are finalized,” commented Aubree Arias, CEO of Greenleaf Joint Ventures, “Our team views the cannabis industry as a market that will lead to America’s next great commodity. We have decided to make this capital investment in CrowdFundConnect in order to gain access into significant potential markets that we expect to blossom and develop in the near future. The exceptionalteam at CFC provides the ideal model and partnership for us to achieve our vision, and we are confident in our decision to work with their team.”

CrowdFundConnect co-founder, Randy Shipley, has stated that this collaboration is the beginning of an investment in online crowdfunding and cannabis that will act as a catalyst for opportunity to both industries. “Our vision is to build a platform that will provide the innovation necessary to launch the crowdfunding initiative to the next level. The cannabis industry is the next big American industry, as well as a natural commodity that will support economic advancement,” said Randy Shipley, “my partner Vincent Pitetti and I, foresee the end of the prohibition on marijuana as a lucrative opportunity that demands the attention and backing of the free-market. Using a crowdfunding foundation in order to allow a democratic force for the establishment of the capital on which this industry will be built, is absolutely appropriate.”

Both the crowdfunding and cannabis industry are poised to bring American investment to the next level. As new industries, these markets are still experiencing the creation of regulatory measures that will set the standard for operation. These are the signals that new markets are emerging and the time to invest has arrived.

About Company:
CrowdFundConnect is the leading white label crowdfunding developer, with multiple sites currently running for investment bankers, commercial real estate developers, and private angel groups. CrowdFundConnect has offices in Michigan and New Jersey with corporate offices in Chicago, Illinois.

Randy Shipley
(312) 957-8553


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