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WA.M.O & IGWT Union release world’s First HIPPA compliant MMJ Recommendation & Services App

WA.M.O & IGWT Union release world’s First HIPPA compliant MMJ Recommendation & Services App

SPOKANE, WA. / MJBizwire / April 20, 2016 /  —  (May 1, 2016) IGWT Union will release the first HIPPA compliant cannabis APP with medical marijuana (MMJ) recommendation provider and home delivery system starting July 1, 2016.

IGWT Union, a co-operational union of cannabis businesses, has joined forces with Washington Medical Organization (WaMO),, Green Knight Security and Insure Your Green who have signed an agreement and raised their first round of funding to roll out the World’s First Medical Marijuana APP which gives the patient the ease of receiving a number of services in one location.

A patient can initiate their medical marijuana recommended provider, set up a doctor’s appointment, order medication to be delivered to their home, submit and receive cannabis only investment financial solutions and outsourcing, medical marijuana grow and business consulting to meet Washington State’s Department of Health (DOH) and i502 compliances, armed transport of MMJ and more.

Each area of services is licensed and follows all the laws set by Washington State in order keep compliant.  “The state is watching us closely,” Michelle Moreno, CEO IGWT Union states.  “Therefore, we must follow all laws and requests set by the state to make sure we are compliant at all levels of service and operations.”

Cannabis Law Report, IGWT Union member, is to become the exclusive legal global content provider and manager for WaMO and platform.  With Green Knight Security providing the armed transport of cannabis revenues and safe delivery of medication to patients, they have created the “Uber and Google of the cannabis industry,” Moreno added.

Moreno said, “The APP is currently undergoing Beta testing and is set to launch by the end of June 2016 prior to the law changes that Washington State is implementing on July 1.”

Another change to the medical marijuana market will be the mandate set by DOH that all sellers will have to be certified through the Consultant Certification Program starting July 1, 2016 which mandates each person to be 21 years of age, complete a state approved 20-hour training program, complete a 20-hour CPR training program and complete and submit the Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification application. WaMO and IGWT Union will provide such service once they are approved by the state.

Another such change Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board is creating is a Transporter license that will enable to become the first to market with this kind of business platform.

Cannabis Law Report provides global legal content, news and information via the IGWT Union network.  They will be working exclusively with WaMO,, Insure Your Green and Green Knight Security to create legal documents, forms and provide managing guidelines to help other MMJ businesses grow.

“The second round of funding is very important to make sure we get off on the right foot and adhere to all the mandates the state sets for us,” Moreno explained.  “Therefore, we are still looking for investors.” will deliver medical marijuana to authorized patients under the guidelines of a doctor.  Each seller on-line and delivering the product will be certified by the state.

IGWT Union will provide i502 compliant contractors, Federal and State compliant accredited investors sources, state compliance training, medical marijuana preparation courses for state mandated DOH MMJ cards and consultant training program.

Green Knight Security provides armed transportation of green money and cannabis as it is tracked and recorded for viewing by the state of Washington.

“We will reach out to other states that medical marijuana is legal and we will show union members on how to follow their own state’s laws,” Moreno said.

WaMO, Green Knight Security, and Insure Your Green are all union members of IGWT Union.


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