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Vytal Options’ Medicated Troches Are a Brand New Product Available in Dispensaries Now

Vytal Options’ Medicated Troches Are a Brand New Product Available in Dispensaries Now

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Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lansdale, PA –  July 27, 2021 –  Vytal Options, a Pennsylvania owned and operated company, is bringing a new product to their shelves; Medical marijuana troches. Vytal Options is determined to become a leader in Pennsylvania’s emerging medical marijuana industry by focusing on their research and education-centered mission. Vytal Options is excited to introduce medicated troches as a brand-new product form to the PA medical marijuana market. The new troches will allow a quicker delivery method in the form of sublingual or buccal tablets.

The Pennsylvania dispensary, Vytal Options, has 3 locations located in Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Lansdale. Vytal Options believes that every patient’s medical marijuana experience is personal. The brand promises to offer meticulously chosen products of the highest quality for each customer. They also offer to consult their customers in order to tailor product selections to each patient’s specific needs and educate them about medical cannabis.

Vytal Options was founded with a research and education-centered mission, focusing on becoming the leader in Pennsylvania’s emerging medical marijuana industry. As a preferred provider of medical cannabis to qualified and approved patients in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Vytal Options team consistently strives to provide an exceptional experience; always with a patient first approach. Now Vytal Options is bringing a brand-new product to the table for the first time, by introducing Vytal’s medical troches. This new product will allow Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients an option for a tablet that dissolves in the mouth and also provides fast-acting symptomatic relief.

CEO, Tom Trite, of Vytal Options stated “Vytal’s medicated troches are a brand-new product form that we are excited to bring to the medical patients of Pennsylvania. They are water-soluble, sublingual or buccal, tablets that dissolve in the mouth. Absorption through the oral mucosal membrane leads to higher bioavailability, eliminating the “first pass” through the GI tract and liver, allowing for fast-acting symptomatic relief.” The medical troches are a form of medical delivery tablets that solve some of the issues associated with other dosage forms. Troches were originally adapted to systemic bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) due to their superior absorption, bioavailability, and metabolism. Troches also avoid first pass, bypassing the liver and gallbladder. Lower dosages can also be used because this form of absorption allows for a higher percentage of the medicine to reach the bloodstream.

The three locations for Vytal Options dispensaries are:

Vytal Options Medical Marijuana Dispensary Harrisburg:
4711 Queen Ave, Harrisburg PA 17109.
They can be reached at: (717) 303-3017

Vytal Options Medical Marijuana Dispensary Lancaster:
39 E Chestnut St, Lancaster PA 17602.
They can be reached at: (717)327-4740

Vytal Options Medical Marijuana Dispensary Lansdale:
850 S Valley Forge Rd, Lansdale PA 19446.
They can be reached at: (267) 498-0803

The Vytal Options team is committed to providing products of the highest quality, supported by research with top universities, and delivers with an unmatched level of service and professionalism. Vytal Options is committed to providing their customers the best care along with expertly selected products. Vytal Options Medical Marijuana Dispensary aims to create a leading medical cannabis organization rooted in constantly improving products, practice, and services.

Contact name:
Evan Schwan
Phone: 717.810.6393


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