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V1 Group, Inc. Updates Shareholders on Recent Events

V1 Group, Inc. Updates Shareholders on Recent Events

As Proposition 64 Brings Legalization to California, the Most Inhabited State in America, the Company Ventures to Meet Bolstering Industry Demands

La Jolla, CA—November 10, 2016 AV1 Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: AVOP) today announced, that in preparation for sweeping heightened demands expected to come, as a result of recently passed legislation, the Company has embarked on advantageous upcoming ventures, designed to provide newly required resources, and strengthen its growing portfolio. As a whole new legalized market swiftly evolves in California and other states, AV1 Group explores the impact on potential opportunities and markets, including real estate and the launch of an online conduit for dispensaries and laboratories.

Section 6 Initiatives pertaining to Marijuana Regulation and Safety in California indicates that the Marijuana being sold needs to be evaluated, ensuring the quality of all product sold. Being created specifically to fill that gap, the Company has mobilized to create a robust user friendly referral source to serve local and industry wide dispensaries with valuable information such as resource locations and reviews from current users, bringing transparency to the current labs and affiliates in the market.

California is the most populous sub-national entity in North America. If it were an independent country, California would rank 34th in population in the world. It has a larger population than either Canada or Australia. The approval of the ballot instantly forms the largest market for Marijuana products in the United States.

“We firmly believe that the greatest potential for a high level of success is when timing and opportunity meet. At this stage in the game in the cannabis industry, it’s evident that the revenue potential here can be exponential. We are excited to be at the threshold of a new age in the cannabis industry, and having built our operation to the point at which we currently stand, we are delighted to be so well positioned as the demand for lucrative new venues strengthens.” stated Bryen Beglinger, Chief Executive Officer, AV1 Group Inc. The Company will keep shareholders updated as events continue to unfold.

About AV1 Group, Inc.: AV1 Group, Inc. is a publicly traded investment and holding company established to identify, secure, and monetize emerging growth companies, technologies and ecommerce businesses positioned for exponential growth. The Company seeks to discover inspired entrepreneurs with revolutionary concepts which can make a substantial footprint in markets that the Company believes to have considerable growth potential. AV1 Group, Inc.’s comprehensive business model also includes a division which delivers internally created projects that are poised for revenue generation, and a platform enabling the Company to develop embryonic stage subsidiaries under one umbrella, bringing a spectrum of backgrounds to the table, thus providing a significant resource of experience, knowledge and expertise to every venture. AV1 Group, Inc. explores every opportunity to help each sector exceed their revenue goals while building close, active working relationships; preparing each respective division to be a robust competitor in their chosen markets. For more information, visit:

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