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Tranzbyte Unveiling Home Aquaponics System

Tranzbyte Unveiling Home Aquaponics System

Seattle, WA February 20, 2015

Tranzbyte, a division of American Green, will premiere its new GroRaptor at CannaCon beginning Thursday, Feb. 19 at Pier 91 Smith Cove Event Center in Seattle. GroRaptor is an advanced home-scale recirculating aquaponics system that allows for high-yield agriculture in small urban areas.

“GroRaptor offers a year-round, sustainable and convenient way of growing plants without the hassle of soil, chemicals, weeds, pests and other components of soil-based farming” said Michael Silvia, VP of Cultivation Technology at Tranzbyte. “It offers a fun and revolutionary way to grow plants and raise fish at home.”

In this system, the fish tank provides nutrient-rich water in the form of fish waste to the plants. The plants then filter the water and recirculate it back to the fish tank. This environmentally friendly method of cultivation reuses 99 percent of the system’s water, losing only a small amount to evaporation.

In addition, GroRaptor features Tranzbyte’s Truth M6 LED Lighting, furthering the energy savings in the system while increasing the quality of the plants. M6 LED, developed specially for agriculture, provides a comprehensive vegetative spectrum, draws minimal power and has a life expectancy of more than 10 years.

Originally designed as a “home brew” solution for medical cannabis patients, GroRaptor has evolved into an all-encompassing agriculture device.
GroRaptor’s launch comes just weeks after American Green’s Seattle debut of ZaZZZ, an automated consumer-operated, ID-verifying marijuana machine.
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About American Green
American Green (OTC Pink: ERBB) ( is a technology company that enables businesses through innovative solutions and products, with a focus on the cannabis sector. Formally Altitude Organix, American Green became the first publicly traded medical marijuana dispensary brand in the world. Since 2009, the company has developed retailing, branding, and commercial cultivating strategies with its licensed medical marijuana retail dispensaries operating under the Altitude Organic Medicine brand. The Company has developed an “automated dispensary,” called the ZaZZZ machine, which will offer the company’s proprietary products to qualified adults in the US and around the world under its “American Green” brand. Besides the ZaZZZ machine, the company has several media properties, a cultivation division including Jurassic water, and is constantly in development of new opportunities.

The Tranzbyte division of American Green will continues its plan to acquire, hold, or spin out successful divisions in what has been described as “dividend farming,” Companies that qualify and decide to become public will agree to carve out shares for the company and dividends for their ERBB shareholders. This division also houses the company’s 10-year-old technology division, which is actively engaged in the sale of its optical media
enhancement products to potential customers in the US and Asia. Products in this division include FLASHAlbum™ and FlixStix — technologies that the company plans to be incorporated into its ZaZZZ Machine while enabling distributors of optical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) to consolidate the best features of each medium onto a single content-protected USB flash drive.

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