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Transform Your Health: Monarch Medicinals Set to Launch in September 2021

Transform Your Health: Monarch Medicinals Set to Launch in September 2021


TULSA, Oklahoma – September 8th, 2021 – Monarch Medicinals, a premiere cannabis extraction and cannabis infused products company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, launches in mid-September of 2021.

Monarch Medicinals is the next premiere, full spectrum, CO2 extracted cannabis infused products company brought to you by the nationally acclaimed, Oklahoma trusted brand, Bison Extracts.

Bison Extracts is a veteran, female, and Oklahoman owned company founded on the belief that the patient should always be the number one priority. As a result of this belief, Monarch Medicinals was born to deliver top quality medicine as seen by boutique-brand Bison Extracts, but at an alternative price point from the use of blended raw material inputs.

Handcrafted in-house, Monarch Medicinals cannabis infused products are carefully curated with the patient in mind. All Monarch products are manufactured using a Supercritical CO2 extraction method that is non-toxic and less harmful than many other extraction methods. Each gummy is made with clean and safe plant-based medicine, dosed at 25mg per piece, 10pc per bag. Monarch gummies are currently available in Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Strawberries and Cream, and Sour Apple flavors.

The Monarch butterfly is a symbol of personal transformation and rebirth. Its iconic metamorphosis perfectly reflects the renewed hope for overall health in Oklahoma plant-based medicine patients. With the help of Monarch Medicinals, patients can truly begin to transform their health with a bigger bang for their buck, and spread their wings into a more vibrant future less focused on their everyday ailments and wellness restraints.

JOIN THE HERD: Follow us on socials @monarchmedicinals to keep up with all things Monarch, including behind the scenes and new product releases. You can also find us at

Necole Cantu (co-owner)

Brandee Spillman

Bison Extracts
5805 E 15th ST
Tulsa, OK  74112


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