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The Natural Cannabis Company Provides Popular and Rare Genetics for Artisan Cultivators

The Natural Cannabis Company Provides Popular and Rare Genetics for Artisan Cultivators

Santa Rosa, CA  February 06, 2014

To provide exclusively cannabis cultivation champions, each plant accepted by OrganiCann must be meticulously inspected and assured to be pest and disease free, as well as strongly rooted. These are just a few of the most important factors considered by artisan cultivators when choosing healthy plants and seeds. It’s obvious that choosing a healthy plant at the inception of the plant’s life cycle will be more likely to result in healthy cannabis flowers.

OrganiCann, Oakland Organics, and, all members of the Natural Cannabis Company’s family of fine cannabis providers, offer cultivators only the highest quality plant cuttings. These come from cultivators and strain breeders like American Growers Exchange, Burning Bush Nurseries and King Klone, which originate from the most reputable clone nurseries in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also offered are some of the best seeds in the world from exclusive breeders such as: TGA Subcool, DJ Short, Medicinal Organics and MTG Seeds.

The Natural Cannabis Company’s extensive selection of clones includes coveted strains such as: Fire OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Jilly Bean and Sour Diesel, just to name a few. The list of strains available is continually updated and ever evolving. Cultivators can check in via social media or simply stop by one of their locations for the latest information.

Cannabis cultivators in California (a medical cannabis approved state) are permitted to grow a limited number of cannabis plants, contingent upon the local government regulations in which the client resides. The County of Sonoma allows cultivators (with a doctor’s recommendation or primary caregiver certification) to grow up to 30 plants per person within a limitation of 100 square feet of growing space. The County of Alameda on the other hand, allows cultivators to possess 72 indoor plants per person. The Alameda County legislation states that cultivators with a doctor’s recommendation may also have 20 outdoor plants with no grow space limitation. When county limits are unspecified, the default California state guidelines can be relied upon, which permit up to 6 mature plants per patient cultivator.

With outdoor cultivation season fast approaching, the decision to begin a summer cannabis garden starts by choosing the strains that best suit the cultivator, the end-user or both! A small amount of research into your choice of flavor, effect and attributes will lead you to the correct plant or seed stock for your gardening and tasting pleasure.

ABOUT The Natural Cannabis Company:
The Natural Cannabis Company’s goal is to bring the highest quality cannabis to their clients. Follow OrganiCann on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any questions or comments.

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