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“The Clipper” an Innovative New Cannabis Accessory Trending on Indiegogo

“The Clipper” an Innovative New Cannabis Accessory Trending on Indiegogo

Winnipeg, MB., December 7, 2015 /MJbizwire/ –  – Lift Innovations Inc has launched its first product, The Clipper, a cutting-edge herb grinder targeted at the medicinal cannabis market. The company’s founders have generated initial traction for their innovative product through crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, and have reached over 50% of their $25,000 funding goal, within days of launching.

Designed and prototyped in Winnipeg’s Innovation Alley, The Clipper is the result of the growing startup community in the Winnipeg, as well as the rapidly expanding medicinal cannabis market segment.

“This grinder brings a new level of engineering and design to the growing market for high quality cannabis accessories,” said Matt Olson, co-founder of Lift Innovations. “Without communities like Startup Winnipeg and Assentworks, we wouldn’t have the resources to create such a fresh product, on a lean budget.”

The 30-day campaign offers backers an opportunity to pre-purchase both three-piece and four-piece grinders, in bronze and black, at discounted prices before they hit retailers. The funds raised from the campaign will allow Lift Innovations to establish a production-ready facility that will be used to create a premium product for the market.

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About Lift Innovations Inc

Lift Innovations creates premium smoke-culture accessories. The startup company operates on a solid, yet simple philosophy; build products for use, abuse, and misuse. Founded in Winnipeg’s Innovation Alley, at the Assentworks maker-space, Lift strives to produce the most innovative products on the market, through high quality design and local manufacturing.



Matt Olson, Co-founder

Lift Innovations Inc.

(204) 990 1217


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