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Terpene Experts – The Industry Leading Terpene Profiler Launches Online Store

Terpene Experts – The Industry Leading Terpene Profiler Launches Online Store

LOS ANGELES, Calif., July 20, 2017– Terpene Experts, the leading terpene profiling manufacturer in the cannabis industry, launched its online store this month at

The company, which specializes in custom profiling, carries a line of classic varietals for purchase on their website. “There are really two levels to the business,” said CEO Oren Cohen. “There are unique, bespoke solutions and there’s one-size-fits-all. I am happy that I can offer both.”

Terpenes are sold by 5, 15, 30, 60 and 120 ml and come in 45 popular blends to start, such as Agent Tangie, Bubba OG and Cake Batter. The staple line is made with the same high grade terpenes and proprietary process as their custom bespoke profiles.

“Innovation is a key component of this business and I think that’s where I’ll have the opportunity to differentiate myself amongst my competitors. Right now, strain-specific carts sell more than anything so I’ve got somewhere between 75 and 100 archived for sale on the site,” said Cohen. “And every week I’m appending that… I really want to have the broadest library base.”

When Cohen started Terpene Experts, he learned some companies were using concentrates with the wrong terpene blends. His accuracy and craftwork has made Terpene Experts the #1 supplier of its kind. “Every manufacturer’s distillate, or raw distillate that’s free from terpenes, has a different smell to it, has a different quality,” said Cohen. “Every time I formulate, I’ll do it with my nose first then I’ll verify against the strain report to make sure that I’m ticking off all the boxes for the correct entourage effect for the strain. And so far I haven’t been wrong.”

Along with offering strain-specific varietals online, the company will continue to offer custom profiling services for clients who wish to set themselves apart with exclusive, brand-able blends. All custom terpene profiles are 100% private and never recreated for others.

For more information about services, pricing and turnaround times, California THC-based concentrate manufacturers and national CBD manufacturers can reach Terpene Experts at (818) 532-1056, or visit their website.


Terpene Experts is a terpene profiling company based in Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in custom terpene profiles for both THC and CBD concentrate manufacturers using only the highest quality, food-grade terpenes. Their strain varietals are created by carefully matching the complex aromatic profiles of true flower with unparalleled accuracy.


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