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Temple Extracts Reveals New and Improved Hardware, Branding

Temple Extracts Reveals New and Improved Hardware, Branding

The ultra-pure CO2 oil company launches TC-510 Temple Ceramic Cartridge and new packaging.

San Francisco, Calif., August 16, 2017—Temple Extracts, a cannabis company specializing in ultra refined, supercritical C02-extracted oil, just unveiled their new TC-510 Temple Ceramic cartridge and branding.

“Temple’s new TC-510 is an evolution in ceramic wickless technology,” said Temple Extracts co-founder David St. Clair. “Using a lower voltage battery allows the ceramic core to vaporize our oil perfectly.” The TC-510 cartridge has a heating coil embedded 360° within the ceramic core, ensuring the atomizer is uniformly heated. In an ordinary atomizer, the coil resides on the surface of the wick causing inconsistent heating.

Temple’s new hardware is part of a larger effort to realign their product delivery and branding with the company’s core value: offer customers the highest quality and most sustainable products available. They implemented new branding in all aspects of the business, including their logo, website and packaging.

“Our old branding didn’t quite reflect our values or the quality of our oil, so we enlisted the help of an Italian design firm. With their guidance, we were able to revisit our values as a team and how best to capture them in our aesthetic, from our logo to packaging,” said Temple Extracts co-founder Michael Bardin. “We’re happy with the result—a visually impactful, sustainable packaging that is made with recycled paper, soy-based ink and a compostable window.”

The new packaging also features required compliance information under California’s new regulations and co-branding with organic farms. “A huge network of sustainable, organic farmers allow Temple to produce the purest oil… we are proud to be able to showcase them alongside our brand,” said St. Clair.

For more information about Temple Extracts, visit California-based dispensaries interested in carrying their products should contact


Temple Extracts is an all-natural CO2 concentrate company that specializes in ultra pure, organic, hydrocarbon-free and additive-free cannabis oils. Their farm-to-vape mission starts at the source, with a network of cannabis farmers committed to sustainable growing practices. Their oil undergoes a 17-step refinement process featuring supercritical C02 extraction.


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