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Team Maryjane: Marketing cooperative provides expert help to cannabis companies

Team Maryjane: Marketing cooperative provides expert help to cannabis companies

DENVER, Co., November 4, 2015 /MJbizwire/ – A group of advertising, marketing and communications experts have banded together to form Team Maryjane, a marketing agency serving companies in the cannabis industry.

The cooperative includes top-tier professionals in advertising, content writing, digital marketing strategy, public relations, search engine optimization, social media and web design.

“Team Maryjane is a one-stop marketing shop for growers, dispensaries and anyone else in the cannabis industry,” said CEO and co-founder Josh Whitaker. “You run your company, we’ll run your marketing. All of our team members have a wealth of experience in their areas of expertise. And collectively they offer an unmatched depth and range of knowledge.”

“The rapid growth within the cannabis industry has brought increased competition,” Whitaker noted. “Just opening your door isn’t enough to be successful any more. Customers have more choices than ever about where to buy. And they’ve become more discerning. The companies that will thrive are the ones that deliver excellent products and services – and do an outstanding job of telling their stories to the public they serve. We help them tell their stories.”

The professionals in Team Maryjane are based in Denver but work with clients anywhere.

More information is available at The team can be reached at or 720-744-3681.

Josh Whitaker

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