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Strain Apparel kickstarts odor-absorbing SkunkPocket

Strain Apparel kickstarts odor-absorbing SkunkPocket

February 10, 2017 – Sebastopol, CA – Strain Apparel has launched a new cannabis lifestyle brand on Kickstarter ( featuring odor-absorbing pockets and a positive, yet discrete, celebration of the cannabis strains we all know and love. “Our patent-pending SkunkPocket technology offers marijuana enthusiasts a convenient and odor-free pocket option for their on-the-go lifestyles” says Strain Apparel CEO Jeff Callison.

There are three limited-edition hoodie designs to choose from: Sour Diesel, Fire OG and Mr Nice. The hoodies are incredibly soft and the craftsmanship of the SkunkPocket is spot on. Find each hoodie on Kickstarter at $30 off retail with shipping options for anywhere in the world.

“Who’s ever been stuck in line at the coffee shop, or the bank, with a smelly cloud of funk surrounding your personal space?” asks Jeff. “The patent-pending SkunkPocket eliminates these awkward moments. Our customers can take their funkiest skunk anywhere, without the odors.”

Strain Apparel hoodies feature a discrete 6”x7” zippered SkunkPocket lined with odor-absorbing washable fabrics. Each SkunkPocket can hold up to a 2oz skunk, as well as a pipe, papers and lighter.

Most cannabis lovers can not brand themselves as a reggae loving, hip hop, long-haired, hippie weed god. “We feel cannabis has a branding issue.” says Jeff. “Everyday people need options to represent their cannabis lifestyles, without the unwanted attention or negative assumptions. These stereotypes are the biggest obstacles toward achieving mainstream acceptance.”

“We need backers! The biggest challenge we face is getting our material costs down. The odor-absorbing fabrics are very high-end and price out at roughly $80 per yard. We chose the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to help raise enough capital to purchase these materials in bulk” says Strain Apparel Director of Operations Sian Thomas.

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About Company: Strain Apparel is a cannabis lifestyle brand that offers patented odor-absorbing pockets and a celebration of the cannabis strains we all know and love.,
Media Contact: Jeff at (971) 717-1010 or

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