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Staffing Agency to Offer Payroll and HR Solutions to Cannabis Businesses

Staffing Agency to Offer Payroll and HR Solutions to Cannabis Businesses

Denver, CO ( August 8, 2014

Ms. Mary Staffing LLC, a full-service staffing agency for the marijuana and hemp industries, has officially launched a much needed payroll solution using what’s commonly referred to as a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) co-employment model. All HR responsibilities are outsourced to the PEO company, Ms. Mary Staffing, while the client company continues to direct the day to day operations of the business. This allows business owners to focus on the growth and operations of their business while Ms. Mary’s assumes responsibilities for administrative tasks such as payroll and payroll tax management, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, employee benefits, and recruiting and hiring. More information about Ms. Mary’s PEO solutions and a Free Quote visit

With recent news of the IRS fining marijuana businesses a 10 percent penalty fee for paying Federal withholding taxes in cash this couldn’t come at a better time. The IRS requires all businesses to pay quarterly tax by bank wire which has become difficult for hundreds of medical and recreational marijuana businesses that are unable to obtain banking services.

“There are enough risks evolved in running a business in this industry,” stated Stephen Sullivan, President of Ms. Mary Staffing LLC. “Having to pay out your employees’ payroll and payroll taxes in cash shouldn’t be one of them.”

Ms. Mary’s has partnered with several insurance brokers and consulting agencies in the industry, such as American Cannabis Company, to offer a HR and staffing solutions to their clients. Insurance brokers, real estate agents, and consulting agencies with clients in the medical and recreational marijuana industry that are interested in offering the services provided by Ms. Mary Staffing should contact them at

Stephen Sullivan
(720) 633-9728

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