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Sesh Technologies Announces Revolutionary Cannabis Industry Product Launch

Sesh Technologies Announces Revolutionary Cannabis Industry Product Launch

STM Reveals their RocketBox at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, with 453 perfect pre-rolls under two minutes.


Spokane, WA – Sesh Technologies Manufacturing introduced their latest addition to the cannabis industry, the RocketBox. The stm RocketBox is the world’s first commercial pre-rolling filling machine capable of perfectly filling and packing 453 cones in under two minutes.

“We were extremely excited because there is nothing currently like it on the market in terms of commercial production capability, efficiency and capacity,” said stm CEO Aaron Ray.

Pre-rolled joints are a hot ticket item and one of the fastest growing segments in the medical and retail cannabis industries. More companies are dedicating resources to producing pre-rolls because they

are inexpensive to make and easy to sell, due to their low price point. Pre-rolls are generally either made by hand or by using a low-volume automated filling machine.

To address the need for high volume pre-roll production, Sesh Technologies Manufacturing (stm) created the RocketBox. The RocketBox uses advanced components, technologies, and control systems – making it the only commercial grade pre-roll machine available. Precisely engineered using industrial quality components, the RocketBox ensures consistent, streamlined, and dependable performance with superior results all controlled with the touch of a button on a touchscreen control panel.

According the Headset, Inc., a business intelligence and analytics service, overall cannabis sales are up by an average of 34 percent from 2016 and pre-rolls are a large part of this growth.

Companies seeking information on what Sesh Technologies Manufacturing (stm) RocketBox can do for their businesses can visit Sesh Technologies Manufacturing (stm) is a Spokane, Washington based manufacturer of advanced commercial production equipment for the cannabis industry and dedicated to clean, 100% natural processing solutions. Stm products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.


For further information, contact:

Sesh Technologies Manufacturing (stm)
Phone: 509-228-3576

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