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Seed-to-Sale System Implemented by First Grower Owned Medical Cannabis Processing Collective in CA

Seed-to-Sale System Implemented by First Grower Owned Medical Cannabis Processing Collective in CA

Ft. Lauderdale, FL  December 2, 2014

BioTrackTHC™, the most used seed-to-sale enterprise system in the marijuana industry, is the choice for First MC Processing, LLC (

First MC Processing, LLC is integrated from grower to patient. The collective utilizes software by BioTrackTHC to provide complete transparency for all regulatory agencies. First MC Processing, LLC’s facility is located at Redway, California.

“This is an important milestone established by MCFM Group,” said Dr. Moe Afaneh, Chief Operating Officer, BioTrackTHC. “Our enterprise system strengthens the collective’s regulatory tracking and reporting capabilities.”

First MC Processing, LLC is the first venture launched by MCFM Group, a private investment fund engaged exclusively in the business of financing and providing executive management services to organizations involved in the medical cannabis in California.

David A. Taggart, CEO of MCFM Group, stated he expects First MC Processing, LLC to be the first of several grower owned collectives MCFM Group will open in Humboldt County. Taggart stated, “Humboldt is already known throughout the world for the quality of the product of its environmentally conscious growers. MCFM Group was established to facilitate the marketing of the legendary Humboldt product.” David A. Taggart is a resident of Westminster, Colorado, and the former General Counsel for Montgomery Engineering, which is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Karyn E. Wagner, Chief Cultural Evangelist, is devoted to branding Humboldt product. “Humboldt product is already internationally famous. We are going to use the uniqueness of Humboldt to brand its product.” Wagner adds, “We see the Humboldt name as legendary. We have some ideas for branding Humboldt that we believe can rival the landmark California agricultural and food branding and marketing campaigns.”

First MC Processing, LLC will hold an Open House for Southern Humboldt on December 5, 2014, to showcase its facilities and operation. Visitors have been invited to tour the facility and learn about the collective’s commitment to transparency and the innovative way in which it complies with California Medical Cannabis Laws and Federal Guidelines.

First MC Processing, LLC is distinguished by the practices of its grower members who are small family farmers. First MC Processing, LLC’s growers are devoted to outdoor, environmentally conscious, sustainable cannabis production. First MC Processing, LLC’s processing facility features state of the art pharmaceutical grade equipment that produces a clean, environmentally safe product with no harmful chemical solvent residue.

BioTrackTHC’s commercial platform is deployed in more than 800 locations in 15 states, Washington D.C., Canada and South America. Its traceability system is utilized state-wide as the official regulatory capability for all recreational marijuana businesses in the state of Washington. The company pivoted from tracking pharmaceuticals to become the national leader in cannabis tracking for marijuana growers, dispensaries and regulators.

About BioTrackTHC
BioTrackTHC employs custom-made tracking software to ensure the most rigorous standards are met for the ever-evolving cannabis industry. Visit for more information and or call 1-800-797-4711 to order software.

This Press Release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell shares or securities in the Company or any related or associated company.

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