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SanSal’s Advanced Tissue Cultures Grow to New Heights with First Harvest

SanSal’s Advanced Tissue Cultures Grow to New Heights with First Harvest

CBD grower committed to purity over profits announces the first harvest originating from tissue cultures of high CBD whole hemp strains

PUEBLO, CO – MJBizwire – August 11, 2016 – SanSal is pleased to announce the industry’s first tissue culture derived harvest at their state-of-the-art outdoor grow facility. The facility is located on 180 pristine acres in Pueblo, CO. The large-scale propagation, growing and processing facility has set its sights on satisfying the enormous demand for high CBD – low THC strains, as well as maintaining the high purity levels of its whole hemp plants.

“It’s our desire to introduce the benefits of whole hemp extracts as an ingredient designed to naturally elevate and improve everyone’s lifestyle.” Larry Norder, VP of Sales continues, “The benefits can range from helping with autism and epilepsy to supporting muscle repair and reducing pain and inflammation”

Mindful of sustainable practices and limiting their environmental footprint, SanSal whole hemp is always grown outdoors, as nature intended, using only mountain spring water from an on-site well. In-line with this approach, their plants are grown from pure tissue cultures free of disease or genetic variations. By starting with a pure state of the plant, SanSal has proven that the plant will maintain its optimal performance and yield…consistently throughout its lifecycle.

This first harvest of all natural, dried hemp flower and leaf can be converted into clean, purified CBD or full spectrum oil. Their advanced in-house production and lab facility can meet any customer’s required specifications, allowing vendors to focus on their core business.

Looking to serve the interests of the natural food industry, SanSal’s focus on providing whole hemp ingredients is the perfect recipe for success. The company’s impressive executive team is poised to set the industry standard in holistic, whole hemp products using only organic, and sustainable farming practices.

VP of Ag Ops, Grania Garnighian earned her PhD in Plant Biology from UC Davis and is considered an expert in plant genetics, as well as being globally recognized as a true visionary in her industry. Her expertise ensures that SanSal creates only the highest quality hemp plants and products. “We strive to preserve the plant essence through advanced tissue culture processes and follow the natural metabolic pathways to final product.” Garnighain explained.

Rounding out SanSal’s executive team are David Hults, VP of Marketing, who brings real world experience in brand marketing, product activation, and distribution. VP of Sales Larry Norder has extensive knowledge in tactical growth as a pharmaceutical chemist. Norder is also a life science expert, with an emphasis on building top producing business relationships with customers. Eric White is the VP of Revenue, heading up strategic partnerships to assist in accelerating growth, and industry veteran Nick Gordon heads up SanSal’s sales management team.

This incredible lineup is striving to bring the core values of the company into reality: To improve the health of people and the planet.

SanSal Grow House

About SanSal: SanSal strives to put the health of people and the planet over profits by creating a one-stop shop for everything in whole hemp products. SanSal was grown out of a desire to provide the highest quality whole hemp products using organic, sustainable farming practices. Their state-of-the-art outdoor grow facility uses only mountain spring water from an onsite well, embodying the true spirit of Colorado. The large-scale production and grow facility satisfies the enormous demand for high CBD – low THC strains, clones, oils, and raw botanical material. SanSal is community-minded and cares about the planet and its people. They are committed to providing uncompromised, high quality, products using the latest, leading edge and ethical production technology.

Rooted in purity — healthy plants, healthy people

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