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Sacramento Residents Offered Nationally Recognized Medical Marijuana Business Training Classes to Help Navigate the Cannabis Industry Rules and Regulations on February 22

Sacramento Residents Offered Nationally Recognized Medical Marijuana Business Training Classes to Help Navigate the Cannabis Industry Rules and Regulations on February 22

Sacramento, California February 20, 2014

As the Government begins to shift mindset regarding Marijuana Businesses and has begun opening up the channels for Banks and Marijuana businesses to process funds, more people are considering the Cannabis Industry as a potential revenue resource.

The process of opening up a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service or Dispensary is not as clear cut as many people would like to assume. There are laws, regulations to be adhered to and business practices that should be followed and completely understood in order to avoid the pitfalls that can happen without proper guidance and training.

As California and other states become more friendly towards Medical Marijuana, entrepreneurs have reached out to CCI to provide additional training on the business side of the Cannabis Industry in more classroom locations. In response, CCI has agreed to offer a new class in Sacramento on Saturday, February 22.

Classes are centered around teaching Compliance to State Laws, local area laws and best business practices for the Medical Marijuana Industry and are designed for students seeking knowledge on how to open up a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, how to open up a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service, how to start a Marijuana Grow Operation and how to open up a Marijuana Edibles business.

Sacramento will be offered a full-day class which is designed to teach students how to successfully open up a Cannabis business in the State of California, following all applicable laws and rules.

The all day class teaches everything from understanding how to actually operate as a non-profit organization while defining the professional structure for Cannabis businesses. Students are taught how to start a Medical Marijuana business and are also provided with a wide variety of networking contacts, including being advised to connect with each other to form lasting professional relationships.

Students interested in Grow Operations should specifically attend this particular class location as our Staff Master Growers will be present to answer difficult questions and help entrepreneurs interested in the Marijuana Growing side of the business understand the necessary requirements to begin a Grow Operation and how to successfully manage that operation from start to finish.

Legal experts will speak at this event to help students understand what they need to legally do, what paperwork is required and where to find the specific information they will need to begin a successful career.

Guest speakers at the Sacramento class are to include Industry Experts such as Master Level Grower, Gary Maciel, Medical Marijuana Attorney Michael Chernis and will also include various professionals, known within the industry. Additional speakers are set to provide informative discussions regarding extraction processes, final processing, management of production, sales, collective arrangements and additional subjects.

Students can expect to gain a vast amount of knowledge regarding the business side of the Cannabis Industry which will help them become more successful in their efforts to start a new venture. Students will also have the opportunity to meet potential investors and make valuable connections with other various sectors of the industry including the job market and how to manage collectives.

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