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Royal Hemp’s Edge Off™ Chocolates Now Available in Oregon

Royal Hemp’s Edge Off™ Chocolates Now Available in Oregon

October 7, 2020 (Portland, OR) – Royal Hemp, LLC announced today the availability, in Oregon, of the first product in their Edge Off™ line of premium dark chocolate edibles.

“What sets Royal Hemp’s Edge Off™ edibles apart,” says Lev Kelman, Royal Hemp’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer, “is that they are literally the edible expression of our commitment to creating truly superior edibles experiences. Edge Off™ edibles are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, made with ethically-sourced chocolate and other ingredients, and do not compromise on taste. They are also packaged using compostable materials such as rice paper and the labels are printed using plant-based inks.”

Royal Hemp’s proprietary Edge Off™ full-spectrum extraction method – which does not use toxic solvents such as butane – does not include any steps to filter out aromatic compounds. Edge Off™ edibles therefore have a ‘full-spectrum flavor profile’ that will especially appeal to people who enjoy the smell and taste of cannabis. Says Kelman, “Our products are not simple edibles made with tasteless and odorless isolates or distillates. They deliver a multi-sensory experience of aroma, texture, flavor, terpenes, and cannabinoids that results in a healthier high.”

Mr Kelman continues, “We believe that extracts made using toxic solvents such as butane are harmful to the human body when consumed regularly over time and should not be allowed in edibles. Therefore all Edge Off™ edibles are made with the proprietary full-spectrum extract I developed. The end result is edibles with higher levels of bio-available cannabinoids that take advantage of the ’entourage effect’ to deliver more better-for-you healing benefits and a longer-lasting high that is more intense than other edibles at the same dosage level. And because Edge Off™ extracts are artisanally-produced in small batches utilizing multiple strains, patrons will also be able to maintain the same dosage level over a long period without needing to increase the dose, necessitated by the body building up a tolerance to a specific strain through repeated use.”

Edge Off™ edibles are available in packages of two bars dosed at 25mg each. Each bar is portioned into four sections of 6.25 mg each. This portioning makes it extremely easy for both experienced and novice edibles consumers to select the dosage level that best suits them.

Edge Off™ edibles are available at locations across Portland and Oregon. Ask for Edge Off™ at your local dispensary and, if they are not in stock, ask for them to be ordered through Leaflink, or call Royal Hemp at 888-222-9911.

About Royal Hemp, LLC
Founded in 2019, Royal Hemp, LLC ( is a cannabis edibles producer with experience in creating the finest vegan products. Founder and Chief Creative Officer Lev Kelman is a professionally-trained chef, graduating from the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Institute) in New York in 2010. There he mastered the skills required to create truly satisfying eating experiences, skills he brings to every batch of every Royal Hemp recipe. Prior to founding Royal Hemp in 2019, Kelman founded Brooklyn Dark, America’s first-ever hemp chocolate company, opening the Brooklyn Dark Hemp Bar on St Marks Place in Manhattan in 2015. After careful consideration, Kelman, who also has a business degree from Pace University, decided to launch his new brand in Oregon, with the mission to produce, “the best tasting, cleanest, healthiest, safest, and most reliable cannabis edibles in Oregon – or anywhere.”

Media Contact:
Lev Kelman
Phone: 888.222.9911



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