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Royal Hemp, LLC Launches Vegan and Fair Trade Cannabis Chocolate Line in Oregon

Royal Hemp, LLC Launches Vegan and Fair Trade Cannabis Chocolate Line in Oregon

Oregon, June 17, 2020 – Oregon has new premium cannabis chocolates coming soon to dispensaries near you. Royal Hemp, LLC ( announced the launch of their new premium dark chocolate line, Edge Off®.

What sets Royal Hemp’s Edge Off® chocolates apart is that they are vegan, fair trade, gluten-free and soy-free chocolates. They also use a proprietary and completely solvent-free cannabis extraction method without Butane, CO2, or ethanol, so Edge Off® has more healing bio-available cannabinoids and terpenes than other cannabis edibles.

With their strict adherence to the highest quality standards and use of advanced culinary techniques, Royal Hemp is able to create the best tasting cannabis infused chocolates available. They painstakingly source their chocolate from fair trade farms and use only the highest quality ingredients. Since their chocolate is vegan, they never use any dairy products which means all Edge Off® chocolate is dark.

Lev Kelman, the President and Chief Creative Officer of Royal Hemp, LLC is a professionally trained chef from the French Culinary Institute in New York where he mastered the skills to create truly superb chocolate. He previously founded Brooklyn Dark, America’s first hemp chocolate company, in New York City. After careful consideration he decided to launch his new brand in Oregon.

Kelman says that cheaper Butane, CO2 and Ethanol extraction methods are harmful for the human body and should not be allowed in edibles. “We will be the best tasting, cleanest, healthiest, safest, and most reliable cannabis edible company in Oregon and the world,” Kelman explained. “Our chocolate is more than just an edible, it’s a full-spectrum, multi-sensory experience of texture, flavor, terpenes and cannabinoids delivering a healthier high.”

Edge Off® chocolates are available in two dosages: a single 50 mg chocolate portioned into four 12.5 mg sections, and a pair of 25 mg chocolates, each portioned into four 6.25 mg sections. Portioning allows for a variety of doses, for both experienced edible cannabis users and beginners, or for those who wish to have exact doses. Because Edge Off chocolates are artisanal and made in small batches utilizing multiple strains, patrons will be able to maintain the same dosages over a long period without needing to increase strength to achieve anticipated nirvana.

Edge Off® will be available at locations across Portland and other cities in Oregon. Ask for it at your local dispensary or ask them to order it from Leaflink, or call 888-222-9911. Visit them online at

About Royal Hemp, LLC – Royal Hemp, LLC is a cannabis edible producer with experience in creating the finest vegan products. Their Founder and President, Lev Kelman, has degrees in finance from Pace University and from the French Culinary Institute in New York, NY.

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