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Robotics & Cannabis, How PotBotics is Poised to Become the Biggest Name in Legalized Marijuana

Robotics & Cannabis, How PotBotics is Poised to Become the Biggest Name in Legalized Marijuana

New York, NY March 28, 2014

A team of renowned scientists and doctors have announced their creation of PotBotics, a new corporation built to infuse state-of-the-art robotics technology with the cannabis industry, forever changing the way doctors prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. The decorated staff, with more than 25 years of accomplishments in the fields of artificial intelligence and EEG technology, is primed to launch their first proprietary technology, BrainBot.

“(BrainBot) has a broad range of applications that will be very useful to doctors and researchers as states continue to expand access to medical and adult-use cannabis,” said Dr. Boris Goldstein, the founder of PotBotics. “This technology could revolutionize the way doctors recommend strains for medical cannabis therapy and track the results.”

BrainBot will incorporate their state-of-the-art EEG technology into the medical marijuana field, enabling doctors to scan their patients’ brains, and with that information, prescribe a specific cannabis strain designed to eliminate their affliction at the maximum possible efficiency. To ensure continued success with the treatment, all results will constantly be measured and closely monitored.

In the past, international countries such as Israel have been leading the way on medical marijuana research. Their remarkable findings have spurred widespread research around the globe, and America is quickly catching up. Currently, 20 states, along with Washington DC, have already legalized medical marijuana. By 2017, that number is expected to significantly increase, with a number of states on both coasts considered likely to regulate the use of cannabis. PotBotics is poised to become a leading figure in the international and domestic movement towards increased medical research dedicated to marijuana, as well as the legalization and regulation of adult-use marijuana.

In order to capitalize on this trend, PotBotics has other exciting technologies positioned for future release. The first technology still waiting to be unveiled is PotBot, an artificially intelligent avatar ready to assist patients in dispensaries with strain recommendations via organic and dynamic conversations. The second anticipated release is PotBotics’ gene-radar technology, NanoPot, designed to analyze a cannabis seed and determine its optimal growing conditions. Not only will these scientific breakthroughs help patients receive the best care possible, it will also help cultivators produce the best crops possible by achieving the plant’s intended potency and maximum yield.

About PotBotics

PotBotics is the first biotech company to merge robotics and artificial intelligence with cannabis. PotBotics is comprised of three divisions, each specifically built to streamline the prescription, cultivation, and consumer cannabis selection process. PotBot, launching by Summer of 2014, is an artificially intelligent avatar that can understand organic speech, engage in two-way communication, and assist patients with tailoring strains to their specific needs. Brainbot, launching by the end of year 2014, will transform the way cannabis is prescribed by analyzing EEG brain scans. This groundbreaking software gives doctors the opportunity to recommend specific strains for each patient’s ailments. NanoPot, launching in the beginning of 2015, is a nano diagnostics service that provides a fully integrated growth plan by analyzing the cannabis seed DNA.

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