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Redefining Indoor Gardening, Atlas Plant Trainer Raises Funds on Indiegogo

Redefining Indoor Gardening, Atlas Plant Trainer Raises Funds on Indiegogo

March, 2017 – has announced they will be raising funds on Indiegogo to crowdfund their revolutionary project, Atlas Plant Trainer. Atlas Plant Trainer is a revolutionary product created to change the way indoor gardening is done. The Atlas Plant Trainer system provides growers with every tool to train and support their plants with ease and full functionality. Atlas Plant Trainer is a complete tool for anyone who wants to grow a beautiful and well-controlled garden.

For most people, keeping a beautiful garden is a Herculean task. Plant’s growth can hardly be controlled, and when most people try, they end up with a cluttered web of ropes and sticks. Plants can be controlled and directed as this ends out bringing out a beautiful garden.

Atlas Plant Trainer is a lightweight product made of plastic and stainless steel. It is completely customizable with extendable pieces and interchangeable parts, giving it endless connections and designs. Atlas Plant Trainer is designed to last. It is UV-resistant and can be used every day for three to five years. Though lightweight, it is sturdy and strong enough to hold up an entire plant.

Creator Rob Smith, in his own words:

When we started growing for our medicinal and recreational purposes, we were not only limited by the number of plants we could grow by state law, but by the space that we could grow in. We knew that growing would be expensive, so it was important to us to maximize our yields with the limited plants we could grow, which was 6 at the time.

Fast forward a few months and I have trained my plants to be quite a bit wider than the plant pot, and they were looking great about 4 weeks into flower. But now I had a different problem. I had no clue that these tops were going to be so heavy that they were not going to be able to stay upright for the duration. Seeking for this solution gave birth to Atlas Plant Trainer, and it has proved to be an awesome innovation.”

To back this campaign, visit The Indiegogo Page

The goal of Atlas Plant Trainer’s campaign on Indiegogo is to raise $20,000. Almost 1 month is left before it is concluded.

Purchasing Atlas Plant Trainer is a great deal. It helps in increasing plant size from 10-50%. Completely customizable, it can pay for itself in just a single harvest. Atlas Plant Trainer provides a rare opportunity of shaping plants into anything imagined. Plants can be trained to grow into any shape, as far as one can imagine.


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