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Purity, Accuracy and Compliance: AuthentiKola Provides Hemp and Cannabis Industry with Roadmap to Legitimacy

Purity, Accuracy and Compliance: AuthentiKola Provides Hemp and Cannabis Industry with Roadmap to Legitimacy

September 22, 2020 – For Immediate Release

Denver, Colorado—Kola Biosciences, a Colorado-based consulting firm servicing the global hemp and cannabis markets has announced the launch of AuthentiKola, a new testing and authentication platform created to restore public confidence in the offerings of the rapidly expanding cannabinoid products sector. Inspired by the simple belief that consumers deserve transparency, the platform leverages the unique credibility and expertise of the Kola Biosciences team to establish a stringent, third-party authentication standard that guarantees the purity, accuracy and compliance of every product bearing AuthentiKola’s seal of Pharmacist Authenticated Cannabinoids.

Though billion-dollar markets and growing, the hemp and cannabis sectors suffer from a crisis of credibility. With every scientific breakthrough that further confirms the therapeutic value of cannabis and its constituents comes yet another horror story of tainted products or fraudulent labeling; one step forward and two steps back. In July of this year, the FDA reported that a full third of the CBD products they tested were mislabeled, while more than 60% of the tinctures in question tested above the limit for THC.

“Here’s an even more alarming example,” Kola Biosciences founding partner, Jeff Beverly offers. “There’s a company out of Wisconsin who doctored their COA to demonstrate that their product was compliant for THC, when in fact, it was not. So, think about that. Every store that bought that product from them based on that fraudulent COA was party to a Schedule 1 narcotics transaction.” The need for transparency is more than obvious; it’s dire. One misstep in the supply chain can implicate every link.

Through the AuthentiKola platform, Kola Biosciences is not just offering another easily doctored lab test that claims to adhere to a hazy, ill-defined standard. Instead, they have created the standard, utilizing the expertise, credibility and authority of the 30-year veteran compound pharmacist at their helm, along with an advisory board comprised of some of the most highly respected players inside and outside the space. Having eliminated the ambiguity of a market transitioning from the shadows of prohibition to the aisle of the local grocer, they provide the industry with a much-needed roadmap to legitimacy, as well as peace of mind for everyone along the supply chain. Whether you’re a grower, extractor, manufacturer, retailer, or in particular a consumer, AuthentiKola’s seal of Pharmacist Authenticated Cannabinoids is your assurance of purity, accuracy and compliance.


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