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Puerto Rico Hosts Accredited Cannabis Continuing Medical Education Seminar

Puerto Rico Hosts Accredited Cannabis Continuing Medical Education Seminar

The 11th of February 2017 will be the day Healthway Education Systems and Puerto Rico Legal Marijuana combine their knowledge to hold a comprehensive continuing medical education seminar that focuses on medical cannabis. Those who choose to attend the course will not only gain valuable information and insight on the medical cannabis industry, but also a certificate of accreditation.

SAN JUAN, PR – Compared to decades ago, the medical cannabis industry has a far different social presence; gone are the days of mass disapproval over the use of cannabis in a medical setting. The November 2016 elections have ushered in a new age of medical cannabis, as more states than ever allow it to be administered by medical professionals for certain ailments.

With his official signature on an executive order, Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla legalized medical cannabis use in Puerto Rico in May 2015. On January 2, 2017, almost two years later, the first legal dispensaries began to operate. Now that medical cannabis is easily accessible to residents of Puerto Rico, it is vital that medical professionals seek education about its properties and uses.

Across Puerto Rico, there is a great uncertainty in the medical cannabis industry about how to acquire the necessary education on medical cannabis. This leaves many medical practitioners without the knowledge to recommend medical cannabis as a treatment option to their patients, such as what dosages to suggest, and what conditions to recommend it for.

Crohn’s disease, Fibromyalgia, spasticity, and epilepsy are just a few of the conditions that have reported benefits from medical cannabis preparations. However, other, often less benign treatments are provided instead, due to the uncertainty that surrounds the safe use of medical cannabis. Medical practitioners forego cannabis as a treatment option because they are uninformed about cannabis and cannabinoid therapeutic properties and applications. This is largely because they are unaware of credible, unbiased sources delivered by competent, seasoned educators and healthcare practitioners.

It is important for those in the medical industry to stay informed on all types of effective treatment, even treatments that were criticized in the past. Healthway Education Systems (HES) strives to deliver modern, pertinent information on medical cannabis to professionals, which will allow them to learn and, in turn, provide improved care and safe patient access to those with a wide variety of conditions. Furthermore, Healthway offers insight into complex, state-mandated regulations and how to respond within them for both patients and healthcare providers, making for safe and responsible medical cannabis programs.

Healthway’s Education courses and seminars are recognized by the American Medical Association, the ANCC, APA and ACPE, and deliver world-class curriculum from world-class educators with unmatched efficacy while providing quality education excellence. Certified medical professionals who enroll in Healthway Education Systems’ courses will be able to satisfy their annual license renewal requirements and earn accredited CME/CE credits on medical cannabis.

Professionals in the medical cannabis industry will also benefit from the education that Healthway offers. Caregivers, dispensary owners, and those seeking to enter the cannabis space will find valuable information in Healthway’s patient care certification, dispensary technician courses, and specialty programs developed for the fastest growing industry. The information learned from a Healthway course is vital, as Healthway Education will provide certified knowledge that properly equips participants seeking to adapt medical cannabis as a treatment option and deliver safe patient access.

The next seminar held by Healthway Education Systems will be February 11, 2017 at Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferre 22 Av. Ponce de Leon, San Juan 00907. Attendees will learn valuable information about the potential side effects, applications, and benefits of medical cannabis.

Healthway Education Systems is teaming up with Cannabis Science, Inc., a company that strives to improve patients’ lives through cannabinoid-based therapies, in order to provide premier medical cannabis education to those attending the comprehensive seminar. Dr. Robert Melamede, CEO of Cannabis Science, Inc., will be speaking at the event, where he will share his extensive knowledge of the medical cannabis industry with attendees.

The seminar will feature two medical professionals who are well versed on medical cannabis and its applications: Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus, PhD and Dr. Gregory Smith, MD. They will provide attendees with a comprehensive synopsis on the endocannabinoid system and its major components, and cover topics such as the endocannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors and other related receptors, their functions and mechanisms of action, psychological and physical effects, and therapeutic applications. General topics will be covered as well, such as the history of how medical cannabis was developed into present-day synthetic cannabinoids, medical cannabis formulations, and plant-based pharmaceuticals. Dr. Smith will contribute a practical perspective on the medical cannabis industry and offer attendees critical

information on the plant’s uses and properties.
Healthway Education Systems’ seminar in Puerto Rico will deliver inclusive training on:

1) The key components of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), including receptors, endogenous ligands, and exogenous ligands and their functions
2) Identifying the historical development of medical cannabis-based pharmaceuticals and formulations
3) The key components of the cannabis plant, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and their mechanisms of actions, pharmacological activity, as well as, their therapeutic potential
4) The similarities and differences in medical cannabis preparations and their routes intake and metabolism
5) Identifying the role of cannabinoids in neuropathic and nociceptive pain management
6) Describing most recent findings on the role of cannabinoids in treatment of various neurological disorders, with the emphasis on seizure and epilepsy treatment

Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus, PhD is a distinguished neuroscientist who has had over 20 peer- reviewed publications and book chapters published under his name. He works as a tenured associate professor at the University of Houston, where his lab conducts research to find new treatments for Alzheimer’s and childhood epilepsy. The current main focus of Dr. Ziburkus’ lab is on cannabinoid actions that occur within the brain, and potential treatments that may be implemented for certain neurological disorders. Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus received the Global Lithuanian Leader Award for the dissemination of intellectual capital, and the University of Houston’s Teaching Excellence Award was a byproduct of his diligence as a professor. Ziburkus is a recognized speaker in the medical field, and was the host of a Tedx talk entitled “There is something you should know about epilepsy and cannabis.” Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus is renowned for his international leadership and strategic planning, and these achievements have earned him membership to multiple business, editorial, strategic planning, scientific, and medical boards, such as the Dravet Syndrome Foundation’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. Ziburkus is a capable entrepreneur, and is a co- founder of a cannabis research, education and innovation company named CannTelligence.

Dr. Gregory Smith has the honor of authoring one of the first peer-reviewed textbooks in the medical cannabis industry named “Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications.” Dr. Smith’s extensive knowledge stems from his 30+ years experience as a medical professional. Smith has spent more than half of that time in California, allowing him to gain valuable insight and knowledge in the medical cannabis space.

Dr. Smith’s practical experience and research coupled with Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus’ expertise on cannabinoids, neurology, biology, and neurological disorders is a unique and reputable resource for those who participate in Healthway Education’s seminar, offering up-to-date information on the applications and effects of medical cannabis.

Healthway is offering a unique, exclusive opportunity to earn six CME credits that all professionals who are serious about expanding their education on medical cannabis should attend.

In order to register for Healthway Education’s exclusive, comprehensive seminar, call 1-888- 994-8495 or visit

For events or press inquiries please contact media relations liaison, Dana Blickensderfer at or call 813-775-7107.

About Healthway Education Systems

Healthway Education Systems bridges the gap between State medical marijuana programs, medical education and responsible patient care. HES recognizes the importance of delivering continuity, quality service and efficacy within the cannabis industry; we are dedicated to establishing and assuring that our cannabis education supports the highest level of Education Excellence to improve healthcare outcomes.

Healthway Education Systems offers accredited cannabis continuing medical education to their clients, delivering comprehensive curriculum needed about medical cannabis properties and applications, when and how to recommend for patients qualifying conditions, and how to participate in growing states’ regulations. Recognized by the American Medical Association, ANCC, APA and ACPE, Healthway Education’s courses are authentic, rigorous certifications and training programs for professionals in the medical or cannabis industries.

Healthway Education Systems is the Premier industry leader in Accredited Medical Cannabis Education Nationally and Internationally; delivering world-class curriculum from world class- educators to both medical professionals and professionals in the cannabis space, providing both with relevant programs they can use to progress in their chosen field. With the ever- growing use of medical cannabis, education is important now more than ever. For more information, please visit:


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