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Why Portland, OR Dispensaries Like Jayne PDX Are Designated Essential Businesses

Why Portland, OR Dispensaries Like Jayne PDX Are Designated Essential Businesses

Portland OR, January 28, 2021 – Jayne Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary realizes the COVID pandemic has hit everyone hard, especially in Portland, OR. Hundreds of businesses have had to close or drastically change their habits in order to keep going. In the midst of all the uncertainty, though, cannabis has remained an important industry in the Portland area. Jayne PDX has adapted to the new rules too, and in the midst of the pandemic still remains an important part of bringing joy and comfort to people’s lives.

Dealing With COVID

Jayne has taken several steps to handle COVID and work past it to help the customers who need cannabis the most.


  • Jayne is outfitted with new plexiglass screens to keep the proper health barrier between staff and customers.
  • the Staff all wear masks and social distance.
  • The menus have been enlarged and laid on tables in front of the plexiglass to help customers see what they need without fear of coming into contact with any germs.


  • Jayne offers curbside delivery for online orders.
  • Delivery service is also available to people’s homes.
  • Owner’s promise: “We’ll get your weed to you any way you want.”

Challenges for the Cannabis Business

Over the course of the last year, Jayne has had to fight through many challenges to supply customers with what they need. From dealing with tax laws to purchasing new supplies, it has done everything it can to make ordering and using cannabis as easy as possible for the customers who need it.

  1. Curbside delivery always comes with challenges. Running from store to car and back again with money in hand can be a dangerous and time-consuming business. Thankfully, Jayne’s staff worked hard to settle into the new pattern and have created a welcoming curbside environment for their customers. The company also purchased a car for the 5-15 new delivery orders it receives every day to ensure the greatest flexibility for keeping customers comfortable.
  1. The structure of Jayne’s business model has changed dramatically through COVID. The company has gone from having zero online orders a day to 30 or 40 most days. It has seen a 25% drop in overall ticket sales, but at the same time has seen an increase of around 60% in order quantity as people stock up on as much cannabis as they can. On average, customers will spend $20 to $30 more per order, so they can fill their cannabis needs for the uncertain future ahead.
  1. The government hasn’t made it easy for Jayne and other cannabis companies. According to US Code 280E, any business transacting in controlled substances is not allowed to take any deductions or credits. That means the supplies, the car, and the gas are costing Jayne a lot more than they would another company. At the same time, the cannabis industry is providing a big boost to the government right now. While they’ve lost plenty in income and property taxes, the cannabis industry has only continued to thrive and is sending even more tax money to fund government projects and the economy.

The Essential Cannabis Dispensary

In the midst of uncertainty, Jayne PDX and other cannabis dispensaries have continued to thrive and give back to the community. Every day, they provide employment for staff members, keep staff and customers safe, and get customers the weed they need with superior customer service. Jayne is a small business like many who have had to shut their doors this year, but through their essential designation and the strength of their determination, they have made it this far. With the help of Jayne and other cannabis companies, Portland and other Oregon communities are finding the strength and the comfort they need to make it through the tough days so they can come out stronger on the other side.

If you’re finding yourself in need of some excellent cannabis from a company passionate about helping you, get in touch with Jayne today to find exactly the products you want to take home for the days ahead.

Jayne Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Portland

2145 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 719-5665

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