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Plantastic Plant Products Provides Marijuana Industry with New, Alternative Grow Mediums

Plantastic Plant Products Provides Marijuana Industry with New, Alternative Grow Mediums

March 12, 2014

Plantastic Plant Products is a compassionate growing essentials company that provides the alternative industry with a sense of community and effective gardening solutions. Founded from humble beginnings in the early 1980’s, Plantastic Plant Products started out as a home-based business that was operated out of a garage. Today, this company has created its own legacy and has turned its brand name into one of the medical marijuana industry’s finest growing solutions.

Sharing the exceptional amount of success that Plantastic Plant Products has garnered over the last thirty years, the effectiveness of these garden nutrient products is absolutely undeniable. In fact, paired with professional gardening techniques and scientific fact, this line of growing essentials has become one of the industry’s most utilized solutions for maintaining healthy vegetation. By way of a coordinated advertising campaign and an endless amount of experienced distribution support, this brand of growing medium products has provided growers and cultivators with proven strength and successful product. It is because of these maintained standards that Plantastic Plant Products is able to maintain a firm market share in the medical marijuana industry.

Plantastic Plant Products features two miraculous hormone stimulants that cultivators can use in order to increase the number of blossoms and flowering sites on maturing plants. One product, Sensa-Spray, will incite a grower’s male plants in order to undergo a hormonal shift that stimulates the plants to produce female flowers. The second product, PowerBloom,stimulates a grower’s plants in order to yield more fruit on a shorter and sturdier base that can handle the added production without splitting or bending.

A plant-based hormone, Sensa-Spray is not just another fertilizer that cultivators utilize for crops. Instead, it is a hormonal stimulant that will accelerate a plant just enough to produce supernormal levels of female hormones. This altered hormonal balance will then exert a tremendous selectivity force towards the propagation of more female flowers. As one of Plantastic Plant Products finest products, Sensa-Spray will allow you to take that extra step towards gaining control over just how bountiful a crop will be.

Known as a dynamic and powerful water soluble solution for blooming hormones into a dream garden, Plantastic Plant Product’s PowerBloom is a foliar spray that is totally unique, absolutely safe, easy to use and incredibly effective. If growers are utilizing PowerBloom, chances are that a shorter and bushier plant with come to life. This shorter plant will include outstanding intermodal spacing, a sturdier stalk, more laterals and more bud-sites so that growers can properly maintain all vegetation without a care in the world.

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