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Oregon Cannabis Institute Guides Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs

Oregon Cannabis Institute Guides Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs

Portland, Or February 11, 2014

The passing of HB3460 has created new small business opportunities in Oregon. However, success as a medical cannabis dispensary is by no means a sure thing because of the Controlled Substances Act. Thanks to the Oregon Cannabis Institute, medical marijuana start-ups have a reliable resource that provides the full range of up-to-date information and support they need to get all the knowledge about the medical marijuana laws and get ahead of the medical marijuana industry curve and thrive.

The innovative venture offers turnkey solutions for making the most of this potentially lucrative market through legal, regulatory and cannabis business guidance at its seminars and website ( for dispensaries and cultivators. The Institute was started by marijuana industry veterans and experts whose wisdom and experience can assist entrepreneurs at a fraction of the cost of obtaining these resources elsewhere, all of it specifically oriented to cannabis operations. It helps those wishing to enter the business make educated and informed decisions and enables medical marijuana enterprises to operate with optimal effectiveness.

The president and founder of the Institute George Boyadjian, was very conservative when answering a question about the potential profits a medical marijuana businessman can earn operating a medical marijuana facility in Oregon. He stated, that an average business person can easily earn up to $5,000 per day, cannabis is the type of thing that someone will continue to use everyday and if provided with quality medication and good customer service, the customer will refer everyone they know to that MMj dispensary.

George is an active supporter of legalization and hopes that some day he will see the plant free. He is also uses cannabis to heal his medical conditions of nerve damage in his left hand and left foot and lung and spleen surgeries from a car accident he was in when he was 17 that also left him in a comma for 4 weeks. He continued to say that the drugs at the pharmacies leave him numb and unable to function, cannabis is the only thing that helps me.

The legalization of medical marijuana in 20 states and recreational cannabis in Washington and Colorado has created a new industry that is already benefiting businesspersons, patients, consumers and workers plus opening new tax revenue streams. The Oregon Cannabis Institute is dedicated to fostering the business and its compassionate care mission by ensuring that medical marijuana operations have access to everything they need to set themselves up and operate in the most professional and effective manner. It subscribes to the principle that its success is the success of those it serves.

OCI seminars and services touch on every aspect of starting and running a dispensary or any business related to medical marijuana business operation in Oregon, including its business and corporate structure, funding, laws, regulations, marketing, accounting, banking, cultivation and edibles, insurance, site selection and more. The seminars feature attorneys, accountants, growers, quality testers and other industry professionals as well as networking opportunities aimed at creating a mutual support system for those in the business. OCI has held seminars with attorneys, accountants, bankers, insurance agents, and other marijuana industry professionals in Seattle, Los Angeles, Tucson and Las Vegas.

The Institute has two upcoming seminars on How to Start a Dispensary in Oregon are scheduled for February 15-16 and March 22-23 in Portland at the Radisson Hotel Portland Airport at 6233 NE 78th Court in Portland, OR 97218

Seminars sell out fairly fast, to get enrolled, go to: or call 855-420-8255

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