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Nuvilex Lands Leading Figure in Medical Marijuana Field as Chairman of Subsidiary’s Scientific Advisory Board

NEW YORK, NY, Dec 23, 2013  — Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) upped the ante this month in the field of medical marijuana when it appointed Dr. Mark L. Rabe as Chairman of its Subsidiary’s Scientific Advisory Board at Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc. Dr. Rabe is a leading figure in the fast growing sector, and much like when Dr. Gerald Crabtree was named Nuvilex COO, this appointment shows just how serious the company is to be the best in the industry.
The question now is how close Nuvilex is to starting its medical marijuana research, and is this appointment the first step in activating Medical Marijuana Sciences? Nuvilex’s efforts to establish itself as a player in the biotechnology industry are made even clearer with an appointment of this magnitude.

Dr. Rabe was Chief Medical Officer of California’s largest network of physician-owned medical cannabis evaluation centers. In that position, he helped provide over 100,000 medical cannabis recommendations to patients in 20 different clinics across the state. According to his colleagues, every recommendation did what it was supposed to do: “protect patients and provide them with access to an herbal medicine that improves their health and their lives.”

Nuvilex stated in a recent press release that while a part of the network, Dr. Rabe hired and trained medical personnel, organized public educational symposia and media outreach. Dr. Rabe is also the founder and medical director of Centric Wellness, a medical practice in San Diego that offers natural health care services to attain optimal health and manage chronic medical conditions.

In addition, Dr. Rabe serves as the CEO of Green Medical Solutions, LLC, which offers educational programs and practice management consulting services to health care practitioners. Clearly with his 25+ years of practice experience, Dr. Rabe is no stranger to the medical marijuana arena. His expertise dealing with the drug and many thousands of patients in need of its benefits will serve Nuvilex and its shareholders well as research begins.

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SOURCE: Nuvilex, Inc.

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