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NugMedia Upgrades Cannabis Advertising Network with Geo-Targeting and Keyword-Targeting Capabilities

NugMedia Upgrades Cannabis Advertising Network with Geo-Targeting and Keyword-Targeting Capabilities

Oakland, CA (MJbizwire) November 7, 2014

NugMedia, a company that operates several popular Cannabis culture-themed websites including, today announced that the company has introduced geo-targeting and keyword-targeting capabilities that enable advertisers to increase click-through rates (CTRs) by delivering the right ads to the right audiences at the right time.

NugMedia is the first publisher network serving the Cannabis community to feature geo-targeted ads, keyword tracking and ad placement analytics that ensure the highest CTRs for advertisers. NugMedia will utilize geo-targeting, keyword tracking and ad placement analytics for all clients, both current and prospective. Advertisers will benefit from higher follow-through traffic and greater conversions on their ads. Publishers will benefit from targeted ads that provide higher click-through rates, which in turn results in greater revenue.

“The ability to effectively deliver ads based on audience location and behavior has eluded the Cannabis marketplace for far too long,” said John Oram, Director at NugMedia. “We predict a substantial spike in our advertisers’ click-through rates now that we are able to target the optimal audience for each product or service they offer. Each ad will be served to the right audience based on location and relevant content.”

Geo-targeting is the process of determining the location of a website visitor and delivering tailored content to that visitor based on their geographic locality. Geo-targeting ensures that advertisements are reaching the most optimal target audiences. Keyword targeting is the process of delivering ads that relate to the content of a website. NugMedia can serve an ad that matches the content of the website with an appropriate advertiser based on the criteria of the content, which leads to more targeted ads and higher CTRs for publishers.

NugMedia operates several successful online properties with a large and loyal community of Cannabis culture enthusiasts. The company operates a Cannabis advertising network that provides a unique and powerful platform for publishers and advertisers to grow their businesses. NugMedia offers a comprehensive set of opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences via the company’s media properties, targeted events, brand development services and product reviews. Last month, NugMedia delivered more than 21 million ad impressions across the company’s network.

About Company:
NugMedia operates Cannabis culture-themed online properties and offers turnkey solutions for companies in the Cannabis industry to market their products to online consumers. NugMedia’s Cannabis-themed websites attract more than 900,000 monthly unique visitors and four million monthly.

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