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NixT™ 420 enters the Cannabis Market with Advanced Odor Eliminator

NixT™ 420 enters the Cannabis Market with Advanced Odor Eliminator


Terry Sachetti

Spokesperson, NixT™ 420
Tel:  844-420-6367
for immediate release – April 25, 2017

NixT™ 420 enters the Cannabis Market with Advanced Odor Eliminator

New Product Destroys Marijuana Odor Molecules on Contact

St. Paul, MN – A U.S. green biotech company today announced the North American release of NixT™ 420 Odor Remover, a cutting-edge odor eliminator that banishes the scent of marijuana with just a few sprays. Available for wholesale and retail sale at, the product was introduced April 20 in what was the most momentous celebration day yet for a booming cannabis culture.

“About 60 percent of Americans now live in a state where cannabis is legal in some form,” said NixT™ 420 spokesperson Terry Sachetti. “As marijuana use becomes a mainstream choice, more consumers are looking for ways to fit it comfortably into their lives. One of their top challenges involves combatting the tell-tale scent that lingers after smoking.”

NixT™ 420 was created by BlueGreen Systems, an innovator in the development of green-compliant, high-performance cleaning products free of harsh and hazardous ingredients. Based in St. Paul, the group serves the hospitality, healthcare and commercial cleaning sectors with more than a dozen specialty applications. The launch of NixT™ 420 brings the firm’s proven odor-elimination expertise to individuals and businesses eager to eradicate marijuana “aftersmell” from homes, dorm rooms, cars and clothing – as well as from furniture, curtains, carpets and more.

Escalating marijuana use means spiking demand for odor control, but NixT™ 420’s research suggests cannabis fans are unhappy with the solutions already available. While some such products are highly toxic, others are heavily scented.  “We’ve talked to smokers who tried ‘odor eliminators’ that literally drove them out of the room,” said Sachetti. “And no one we interviewed could name a solution that really works.”

NixT™ 420 aims to fill that gap. Relying on BlueGreen’s scentless base technology, the spray works on the molecular level to eradicate cannabis and other unpleasant odors. Rather than just masking so-called “skunk smell,” NixT™ 420 is formulated to destroy odor molecules on contact. In trials conducted before its release, NixT™ 420’s beta-testers expressed high satisfaction with the product. But because smelling is believing, NixT™ 420 is issuing an invitation to the ever-growing cannabis crowd: “Create the loudest pot smell you can,” said Sachetti, “and then use NixT™ 420 as directed. The skunk smell will disappear nearly instantly and, if you did a thorough job, it won’t come back. NixT™ 420 promises to protect your privacy, and ‘Leave No Trace™,’ and we mean it.”

To mark the launch and encourage public engagement, NixT™ 420 is sponsoring a video contest. Customers are invited to submit original one- to two-minute videos featuring NixT™ 420. Monthly winners will receive a 15-bottle case of NixT™ 420 and have their filmmaking talents showcased online.

For more information or to order, visit NixT™ 420 Odor Remover is available for online sale at the introductory price of $12.95 per 4-oz. bottle, as well as in convenient 3-packs and discounted display cases of 15 bottles. The website offers full specialized service to wholesalers.

Customers are invited to follow NixT™ 420 on Twitter (@420LeaveNoTrace), Facebook (Nixt420odorRemover), Instagram (420odoreliminator), and Pinterest.(NixT420).

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