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New Yorkers Expect to Be Able To Open Up Marijuana Dispensaries and Delivery Services in Near Future – Cannabis Business Training Set for February 23rd

New Yorkers Expect to Be Able To Open Up Marijuana Dispensaries and Delivery Services in Near Future – Cannabis Business Training Set for February 23rd

New York City, New York  February 20, 2014

With New York City polls reaching 88% in favor of Marijuana legalization in New York State, entrepreneurs are beginning to take a look at the business side of opening up a medical marijuana dispensary or medical marijuana delivery service.

Those entrepreneurs who are completely serious about the business have a lot of learning to do with very few options made available to them. With legalities that are unknown and a various amount of regulations that have not been created, as of yet, the field is already a difficult one to navigate, especially for the novice individual.

Cannabis Career Institute intends to make the transition for New York residents smoother by providing best practices in businesses surrounding the Marijuana Industry. From teaching students how to create and manage the perfect business plan and how to set up appropriate corporations – plus how to manage customer service and what to expect from Law Enforcement and Real Estate issues. Classes explain best practices for marketing marijuana businesses and how to develop your employee structure plus much more.

CCI is offering a full day class in New York City on February 23rd, to students who want to learn the most professional way to enter the Cannabis Industry. In a secure classroom setting, CCI offers students knowledge from the various other states that have already permitted the marijuana industry to thrive. Instructors share business plan organization and detailed information on the industry itself; which gives students first hand knowledge of how current operations have already succeeded with CCI class information.

Instructors with CCI include Attorneys, Master Growers, Edible Operation professionals and various other professionals that have been involved in the industry for over a decade. Entrepreneurs wanting to open up a grow operation and learn from some of the most respected Master Growers in the world need only purchase tickets and show up to the class to get highly detailed information on how to ensure best crop practices, best production practices and the best methods for business interactions.

Those students wishing to get involved in the edibles market will be delighted to know that several of the CCI speakers have a wide variety of experiences that will give them information to help them become some of the best edibles operations or marijuana chefs within their own New York cities.

CCI has been recognized as the industry leader in Cannabis Industry Business Training since they opened their doors in 2009. Robert F. Calkin, President of CCI, has been involved with such industry leaders as Oaksterdam and has been an outspoken activist in the Marijuana Business world for over the last two decades.

Students can purchase tickets online through the Cannabis Career Institute website or they may arrive at the door and purchase tickets on scene. However, students choosing to pay at the door risk not having a classroom text book, which contains valuable information, during the class, if the instructors run out. Should this happen, CCI will ship out the manual to the student within 72 hours.

Register today to learn how to operate your Marijuana business in the most professional and safe manner. Beat the rush of the Cannabis Industry in New York and learn how to start your Marijuana Business before the laws change – get ahead of the game.

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