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Millennial Cannabis Smokers Adopt 5/20 As Cannabis Freedom Day

Millennial Cannabis Smokers Adopt 5/20 As Cannabis Freedom Day

Los Angeles, CA, – May 13, 2021 – Master P and The Ice Cream Shop celebrate the life of Louisiana man Fate Vincent Winslow who was sentenced to life in prison for $20 worth of marijuana. Percy Miller says, “This life sentence should have been reduced a long time ago. Even though he was released in 2020, he died in 2021. We have to make sure that this injustice doesn’t happen to more people. We need to increase awareness, help educate our culture and help prepare the imprisoned for freedom.” Anyone who is incarcerated for a small amount of cannabis and is fighting this injustice still, we want to help them gain their freedom back.”

Cannabis legalization has become more and more widespread, over 60k cannabis related convictions have been reduced or fully dismissed in California, where cannabis is legal. As of 2021, 34 states have decriminalized cannabis, eliminating the risk of jail time for possession of small amounts. In states where cannabis is still illegal, a person arrested for cannabis can end up with a permanent criminal record, which can strip them of various essential opportunities like employment, housing, financial aid and even child custody.

Millennials are joining The Ice Cream Shop and Master P to bring awareness to this injustice and have declared 5/20 Cannabis Freedom Day. 5/20 (pronounced five-twenty) is cannabis culture slang for exotic marijuana consumption, especially smoking around the time 5:20pm as well as referring to cannabis-oriented celebrations taking place annually on May 20th, which is 5/20 in U.S. form.

The CMO of The Ice Cream shop says “4/20 has historically been the official day of celebration in cannabis culture for decades. For the voice of the Millennial Generation, we are claiming a new day not just to celebrate cannabis but also to bring awareness to the social, racial and economic injustices of the criminalization of marijuana”

History is in the making as a New Holiday will be celebrated by millions across the U.S. and all over the world, smoking exotic cannabis while celebrating freedom and inspiring legislative and judicial change on this epic 5/20/2021 movement which will also be celebrated at The Ice Cream Shop in Studio City, CA. For 5/20/2022, National Cannabis Freedom Festivals are in the making around the world to celebrate medical and recreational cannabis legalization and to shine a light of hope for change on those who continue to be unfairly punished. Additionally, The Ice Cream Shop and Master P will be releasing a documentary in 2022 titled “5.20 Cannabis Freedom Day.”

Master P is available for comment and interview

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