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New Mexico Clinic is Seeing Patients For Medical Marijuana Evaluations

New Mexico Clinic is Seeing Patients For Medical Marijuana Evaluations

Las Crucas, NM  October 12, 2014

In many cases when looking for a compassionate physician or medical professional, to know that they have experienced similar struggles and are familiar with your situation can make all the difference. Such is the case at Peace Medical Marijuana Consultants. An experienced, educated, and compassionate staff is what patients can expect to find when receiving care from Peace Medical.

Peace Medical founder Robert, was in a very scary situation almost 10 years ago when his mother was sadly diagnosed with HIV. Like any son, he researched and looked for any viable option of treatment that would assist his beloved mother in dealing with her extremely painful and debilitating diagnosis. Ultimately his mother’s compassionate and forward thinking doctors informed him that medical marijuana, not traditional pharmaceuticals would be the most effective form of palliative care for her. When Robert attempted to contact the New Mexico Department of Health to properly enroll his mother in the state’s program he found it to be extremely lacking and void of usable resources. There were no doctors known or available to service patients and any information or help he sought to obtain was shrouded in red tape. Unfortunately Robert left empty-handed and extremely frustrated. Thankfully Robert was able to find an empathetic and willing physician to treat his mother and issue her a medical marijuana certification.

His roller-coaster like experience inspired Robert to create and establish the same resources he needed all those years ago. This was done so that other new patients who are unfamiliar with the medical marijuana landscape in New Mexico may have a better opportunity than his mother did.

Since that time Peace Medical has been in practice for 7 years and has a well established clinic in the Roswell, NM area. Due to their long standing reputation within the community for providing access to physicians and caregivers as well as medical marijuana evaluations Peace Medical will be opening a second clinic location in Las Crucas, NM as of Saturday October the 11th. It is Peace Medical’s goal to continue assisting and helping those in need all across New Mexico. Their experience, compassion, and easy access locations have landed them head and shoulders above other facilities in regards to quality of patient care. All questions regarding appointments should be directed to Robert at



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