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Medbox Founder Partners with ASA, Funds “Consume Responsibly” Public Awareness Campaigns for Medical and Recreational States

Medbox Founder Partners with ASA, Funds “Consume Responsibly” Public Awareness Campaigns for Medical and Recreational States

LOS ANGELES, March 17, 2014

Vincent Mehdizadeh, the founder and Chief Operations Officer of Medbox, Inc. ( a leader in providing consulting services and patented medicine storage and dispensing systems to the medical and retail industries, today announced that he has personally funded campaigns aimed at educating the general public as to all aspects of cannabis in medical and recreational states.

A public awareness campaign led by Americans for Safe Access (ASA), an organization dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to cannabis (marijuana) for therapeutic uses and research, is designed to better inform the national dialogue on medical cannabis by first letting the public know that cannabis medicines can be regulated and secondly that the therapeutic experience of the over one million legal medical cannabis patients goes beyond “feeling better.” The campaign will include production of new materials and ads, new communication outreach, and grassroots education campaigns to empower citizen-advocates to participate in the effort nationwide.

ASA has created a groundbreaking third-party industry certification program to help promote and publicize best practices in medical cannabis that will serve as the platform for this education campaign.

“Our Patient Focused Certification (PFC) program utilizes the industry standards created by the American Herbal Products association and the American Herbal Pharmacopeia for medical cannabis cultivation, processing, distribution, and testing to ensure quality and safety standards,” stated Steph Sherer, Executive Director at ASA. Information on the program can be foundhere.

ASA staff will incorporate its unique series of condition-specific booklets into educational campaigns in print and video format. These booklets summarize the history of medical cannabis and the recent research on using it to treat a variety of conditions. Each is designed to facilitate a conversation between patients and health care providers, educate doctors and researchers, and deepen the public understanding of cannabis as a genuine botanical medicine.

Using these tools as a platform, ASA will hire communication support to create elements of the public awareness campaign that will include material development for online campaigns and print, targeted outreach, and media campaigns to reach new audiences. ASA will also create and maintain the website to be launched by June 1, 2014.

Mehdizadeh has also funded another patient advocacy group for an educational campaign geared at the recreational states ofWashington and Colorado. That well known marijuana activist organization will be making its own announcement in the coming months.

“This is all part of Medbox’s vision for a safe industry where the public is fully educated as to the benefits of medical marijuana and also caution citizens in recreational use states that sensible consumption should always be a priority,” added Mr. Mehdizadeh, Founder and Chairman of Medbox. “All things in moderation applies to both recreational and medical marijuana markets in this new industry and it’s important that the leaders of this new social movement act in a conservative manner as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place so that patients and consumers can enjoy the benefits of the varying degrees of legalization sweeping the nation.”

About MedboxInc: 

Medbox is a leader in the development, sales and service of automated, biometrically controlled dispensing and storage systems for medicine and merchandise. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Medbox, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Medicine Dispensing Systems, offers their patented systems, software and consulting services to pharmacies, medical dispensaries and local governments in the U.S. In addition, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Vaporfection International, Inc. (, the company offers an industry award winning medical vaporizer product.

Medbox, Inc. is a publicly traded company, and is quoted on the OTC Markets, ticker symbol MDBX.

For more information on Medbox, please contact the company at (800) 762-1452 or go online to


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