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Marijuana: A New Valentine’s Tradition in Colorado

Marijuana: A New Valentine’s Tradition in Colorado

Denver, CO  February 2, 2015

The stars appear to be in alignment for romantics, retailers and cannabis consumers this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The holiday falls on a Saturday this year. Meanwhile, the National Retail Federation (NRF) says a strengthening economy means consumers will be spending more on that special someone this Valentine’s, compared to previous years.

And according to Ryan Fox, CEO and founder of Denver’s Grass Station dispensary, that combination is great news for people looking for special Valentine’s gifts that go beyond the old-school ties, flowers and candy.

“Here in Colorado this is the second Valentine’s to take place with legalized recreational marijuana for adults in effect,” he says. “Last year, Valentine’s came too soon after legalization for us to notice any particular sales impact.”

“But this year,” he notes, “we have consumers who already feel comfortable purchasing marijuana as a holiday gift, and who enjoy the novelty of giving legal cannabis to friends and family – so we expect larger-than-usual sales in the days leading up to Valentine’s.”

Along with cannabis-themed apparel, a wide variety of marijuana edibles and its critically-acclaimed strains of cannabis, The Grass Station is offering a Valentine’s Day special on EVOS, a natural, THC-infused “intimate lubricant” that’s designed to take lovers to new highs.Consumers buying EVOS in the days leading up to Valentine’s can purchase a second bottle for half-price.

Valentine’s Day has also become one of the top holidays for retailers, with the NRF predicting the average consumer will spend over $142 on Valentine’s gifts, meals and special nights-out celebrations this year.

And in states where legal recreational cannabis is available, marijuana – like a good bottle of wine — is becoming a traditional gift for people who want to celebrate Valentine’s with their loved ones, and who might be planning a special night at home.

Denver’s premier recreational dispensary first opened its doors in 2009, and over the years has maintained its widespread reputation as the source for top-quality cannabis, served up in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Customers expect and get friendly and knowledgeable service from The Grass Station’s staff. Its quality-tested products not only conform to state and local regulations but are kept to the highest possible standards of purity and potency.

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