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Marijuana Packaging Receives Certifications To Meet Colorado’s ASTM and CPSC Child Resistant Packaging Laws

Marijuana Packaging Receives Certifications To Meet Colorado’s ASTM and CPSC Child Resistant Packaging Laws

June 12, 2014

A&A Packaging comments on its newest certifications meeting ASTM and CPSC testing protocols for child resistant containers in order to adapt to the growing retail marijuana industry.

In the wake of new legislation being passed around the country for child resistant packaging and proper labeling of products produced with medical marijuana, A&A Packaging is taking the initiative in making sure it meets and exceeds the standards set by state governments that have legalized medical and retail marijuana. According to A&A Packaging’s Director of operations, their reversible cap containers designed specifically for medical marijuana storage were laboratory tested and became certified to the child resistant testing protocols of the ASTM and CPSC standards. By testing and certifying their pharmaceutical containers for safe and proper marijuana packaging, AA Packaging becomes one of the select few packaging companies to take accountability and responsibility for mass supplying packaging that is child resistant in order to meet compliance standards under state and federal law, especially satisfying the stringent packaging and labeling laws passed in Colorado according to their operations Director.

“The basic purpose of forcing retailers to adhere to ASTM and CPSC standards in the marijuana industry is to ensure that that medical marijuana products are distributed lawfully to patients in packaging or labeling that children cannot easily open” states an A&A Packaging representative. He further states that in states such as Colorado where recent legislation was passed to ensure the correct marijuana labeling for marijuana edibles, caution must be taken by marijuana businesses and dispensary owners who hope to stay clear under the radar of the laws enforced by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, which can result in monetary loss or even business shut down for dispensaries or marijuana businesses that do not adhere to state and federal law regarding retail and medical marijuana packaging.

A manager for A&A Packaging stated that “marijuana businesses in any state can ill afford to be caught with marijuana containers, supplies, or packaging that is not child proof compliant and properly labeled, unless they want to risk being fined heavily or having their businesses shut down by the State.” Even with the recent ruling by the House of Representatives to stop the federal government from interfering with state law regarding medical marijuana policy, A&A Packaging stands firm in the position of meeting all the latest state child safety compliance laws in order for them to build set themselves apart as a premier one-stop-shop dispensary supplies distributor.

A&A Packaging is an industry leading supplier of pharmaceutical packaging, medical marijuana containers, and a variety of ASTM and CPSC tested and approved child resistant marijuana packaging containers for all legal and medical marijuana dispensary businesses. They offer the industries widest selection of products without compromising the compliance quality and state regulations of legalized states. To learn more about how A&A Packaging can help your dispensary or pharmacy business, call (888) 315-2453 or visit their website at

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