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Mac & Fulton: Do You Need Help Finding A Career In The Cannabis Industry?

Mac & Fulton: Do You Need Help Finding A Career In The Cannabis Industry?

M&F Talent: Cannabis Career Assessment And Resume Writing Program

Are you interested in working the cannabis industry but are having a difficult time understanding how your work experience applies to this new business?

Mac & Fulton Talent Partners ( is an industry leading recruiting company that has help shape the hiring criteria of today’s cannabis business leaders. With industry growth in mind, they have expanded their services to include “hands-on” coaching for those looking to find careers in the cannabis business.

Working as recruiters in the cannabis space, the team at Mac & Fulton Talent Partners has seen a resounding interest from talented individuals looking to work in the industry. However, these people are having a difficult time “breaking in” to the cannabis field due to a lack of direct experience.

To help rectify these issues, M&F Talent has devised a Career Assessment and Resume Writing Program that helps people understand how their previous work experience applies to the cannabis industry. Also, they develop targeted, cannabis-specific resumes that get the attention of hiring parties in the industry. As M&F Talent is constantly in contact with cannabis business leaders as well as professionals, they are well-positioned to offer this unprecedented service.

Company Description:

Mac & Fulton Talent Partners is the most knowledgeable and attentive recruiting service in the cannabis space. To this end, they have sent a high standard of professionalism concerning their peers as well as clients, one that will help lay a solid foundation for industry growth and progress.
Media Contact Information:
Kent Gruetzmacher
Director of Business Development

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