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Like LegalZoom for Weed? Leafsheets launches platform to simplify cannabis business and lower barriers to entry

Like LegalZoom for Weed? Leafsheets launches platform to simplify cannabis business and lower barriers to entry


LAS VEGAS, NV – March 2nd, 2022 – launches it’s game changing cannabis business support platform, aiming to decrease the barriers to entry for cannabis business hopefuls and operators by making their Standard Operating Procedures, Plans and vital information available online, with more cannabis business support tools to come.

“Our goal is to make sure that anyone who wants to start or operate a cannabis business has access to the information and guidance they need to have a real chance at success,” said Leafsheets Co-Founder, Juliana Whitney
Why it Truly Matters (Solving a widespread limitation and common criticism)

Leafsheets has set out to be the resource for both novice and experienced cannabis business owners. For those in the cannabis industry, and those who want to start a business in the cannabis industry, the challenges are so numerous and complex that they can seem insurmountable. Leafsheets aims to help reduce some of these barriers to entry by offering professionally prepared Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are usually kept behind the closed doors of expensive consulting agencies and law firms. The easy-to-use DIY templates and customization guides are designed to help ensure license applications shine and that cannabis businesses have the foundation to operate at the highest standard possible.

Credibility (Quote)

“I’ve been a consultant for funded cannabis business investors and operators for five years, in multiple states across the U.S.  During that time, I’ve seen hundreds of hopeful entrepreneurs and startups who want help but don’t have the funds for a consulting firm like mine or for a fancy law firm.  We wanted to build something that could support those people’s dreams, and keep entrepreneurship alive in the cannabis industry,” said Leafsheets Co-Founder Juliana Whitney

Is it a LegalZoom for Weed? (Quote)

For those who want to start a cannabis business but don’t know how, or for those who are looking to streamline their current processes, Leafsheets is a new resource that can help. Some have compared Leafsheets to being like a LegalZoom for weed.  Yes, the concept is similar, but targeted for a niche.  However, we are not lawyers and Leafsheets should not be considered legal advice,” said Leafshseets Co-Founder Nick Bembenek

For more information:

Call: Juliana Whitney @ 702.518.7498
10845 Griffith Peak Dr., LV, NV, 89135


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