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Life is Crap Launches Weed Wear

Life is Crap Launches Weed Wear

Manchester, VT  February 11, 2014

“Hey man, let me in. It’s Dave.”

“Dave? Whoa dude, Dave’s not here!”

“No man, I’m Dave. Now let me in.”

“Dave? DAVE?

“Yeah, Dave. Hurry up I think the cops are following me.”

“Dave’s not here!”

And so it goes from a classic skit by Cheech and Chong, the legendary Up In Smoke and Big Bambu comedians that made a bundle spoofing the pot culture in the ‘70’s! Well, people are no longer listening to their herb infested skits on pot – they’re buying the real thing, legally.

The very funny people at Life is Crap have decided to celebrate the recent legalization of pot, mary jane, weed, reefer, skunk, boom, kif, Aunt Mary, herb, ganja, and anything else you want to call it, with a new and hilarious line of Weed Wear.

The recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado suggests that the attitude in America has taken a dramatic shift in favor of legalizing pot. Polls indicate that 58% of Americans now favor legalizing pot. A number of states like Washington, Vermont, California and Colorado have legalized the use of medical marijuana with Colorado leading the way of legalizing pot for everyone.

“For those of us who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s — the idea that pot would ever be legalized is something we could never imagine,“ says Life is Crap partner Paul Wheeler. “Now we are wondering what pot stocks to buy on the New York Stock Exchange! Hard to get your head wrapped around that!”

To celebrate these law-making milestones, the team at Life is Crap has launched a dedicated collection of pot-themed shirts for their fans and followers as well as any one that loves the new legislation or who’s still puffing away! “It doesn’t matter if you inhaled or not,” says Wheeler’s partner Ken LeFevre, “we’ll still sell you a shirt from our Weed Wear collection.”

The collection of Weed Wear pot designs are made on 100% environmentally friendly high quality cotton with state of the art digital printed images. The shirts are available in a broad assortment of stylish and crazy colors…. and are very affordable at around $20.00 each.

“We wanted to be sure that if you bought our shirts, you’d have a little left over to buy oreos and potato chips in case you got the munchies!” says Wheeler.

Check out the great products here.

About Life is Crap®
Life is Crap® is a humor based apparel company, with a focus on tees, hoodies, and gift items. Our brand focuses on crappy situations and pokes fun at the humor within those situations. At Life is Crap® we believe that the universal cure to crappy situations is laughter. We believe that poking a little fun at ourselves, and the world, is the best way to get through those occasional lousy moments. Life is Crap® is the flagship brand of Offsides Branding & Licensing. For more information, visit or

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