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Kush Bottles Offers Certified Child Safe Packaging Solution for Cannabis Edibles

Kush Bottles Offers Certified Child Safe Packaging Solution for Cannabis Edibles

SANTA ANA, CA  July 7, 2014

Kush Bottles, North America’s premier supplier of certified child-resistant packaging and compliant bottles for the marijuana industry, announced today that they have introduced a new exit packaging solution for cannabis edibles that meets standards for child resistance as set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ASTM, and the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED).

The Satchel is a revolutionary new product that allows dispensary owners and operators to provide an exit package that meets state regulations.

Kush Bottles is the leader in providing high quality child-resistant containers to the cannabis industry. Having sold over 10 million bottles, the company has on-staff professionals who are expert in each state’s regulations regarding the packaging of cannabis and cannabis-based products. This knowledge base is provided free of charge to growers and dispensary owners, and is vital to assure compliance with the myriad of complex regulations, while removing the threat of fines, confiscation of product, or even license revocation.

“Packaging of cannabis-based products such as edibles has been a challenge for many dispensary operators,” said Ben Wu, CEO of Kush Bottles, Inc. “We are now proud to offer a high quality exit package solution that works for virtually any product configuration, while maintaining the strictest compliance with child-safety requirements,” he added. “We expect to see significant sales both in adult-use states like Colorado and Washington, as well a medical marijuana states like California, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and elsewhere.”

Kush Bottles offers products directly to dispensaries and growers, and also works with distributors – with exclusive territories in some areas.

“We welcome questions from dispensary operators and enjoy working them to provide a custom solution that is affordable, effective, and compliant with their state’s regulations,” Wu stated.

To learn more about the new Kush Satchel, or for more information on Kush Bottles’ product portfolio – including their new clothing line, please call Kush Bottles at: 888.920.5874 or go online to

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