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Introducing The UnTubing Series: stand out, get noticed, and sell more products

Introducing The UnTubing Series: stand out, get noticed, and sell more products

CHICAGO, Illinois, Nov. 12, 2020 – Paper Tube Co., the packaging innovator behind the award-winning EcoVault® technology, has just announced a monthly packaging design series focusing on the cannabis industry with the goal to demonstrate how packaging holds far more than the product, and that it doesn’t have to be environmentally harmful or boring.

Each month Paper Tube Co. will design a custom paper tube around the participants’ specific product, packaging and brand needs, bringing their product alive through EcoVault®, a child-resistant and eco-conscious solution for the legal cannabis industry. Combining packaging engineering with branding ingenuity, the EcoVault® system creates a fully immersive unboxing (UnTubing) experience for the end-users, builds perceived value that influences purchasing decisions, and is 100% child-proof, eco-friendly and reusable.

Companies may enter the competition series on the UnTubing series website and will get their new packaging showcased across all EcoVault® social media platforms under #UnTubing and #PutEcoVaultToTheTest hashtags.

Paper Tube Co. is quickly becoming a household name in the industry. In June 2020 alone, their EcoVault® technology received the prestigious 2020 Dieline Award, a globally celebrated recognition honoring the best and brightest designs, raising awareness of the enormous value that goes into brand packaging design.

Indeed, packaging is one of the most important drivers of purchase intent; it’s a signature a company creates to build a name for themselves. The cannabis market is exploding and so is competition, and industry players must start building brands that separate them from the crowd to succeed.

David Molo, Founder, states: “To achieve a competitive advantage, companies must remember that their packaging contains far more than the product. It holds the potential to serve as an organizing principle for business and springboard for value creation.”

According to recent Nielsen data, the right packaging can increase forecasted product sales by 5.5%, is preferred over competitive offerings by 29%, is seen by 13% more consumers in the first 4 seconds of exposure, and shows a 31% lift in share of consumer attention during the first seven seconds of exposure.

There is also a dark side to the cannabis packaging industry as it creates piles of plastic waste. Each year Americans throw away an estimated $11.4 billion worth of packaging that could be disposed of more responsibly. The EcoVault® system embraces green packaging, offering materials that are eco-friendly, reusable and biodegradable.

David Molo, Founder, states: “We prioritize FSC-certified paper in our products and offer biodegradable laminations and linings. A portion of our profits each year also support OneTreePlanted to aid reforestation efforts around the world.”

More on the competition series here:


EcoVault® is an award-winning, child-resistant & eco-conscious solution for the legal cannabis industry. Created by PaperTube Co, a packaging & branding industry veteran serving Fortune 1000 companies as well as artisans & makers.




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