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ILLICIT Intros Collection Launches for New and Low-Tolerance Cannabis Consumers

ILLICIT Intros Collection Launches for New and Low-Tolerance Cannabis Consumers

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Kansas City, Missouri, December 8, 2022 – Missouri’s multi-award-winning cannabis operator, Illicit Gardens, has officially launched their newest product line, The ILLICIT Intros Collection. Designed as a way to ease into cannabis while encouraging the canna-curious to “Start slow with an Intro,” the new assortment will include marijuana products with rich terpene profiles that produce an enjoyable high without the sky-high THC percentages that often overwhelm new consumers.

The full ILLICIT Intros Collection product line includes:

  • 5g Flower
  • 0g Ready2Roll Pre-Ground Flower
  • 0g Premium Popcorn Flower
  • 0g Flower
  • 0g Flower
  • .5g Preroll 5-Packs (In Illicit’s award-winning retro cassette packaging)
  • 5g Gummy 40-Packs in Daytime, Nighttime, and Anytime Blends

Currently, the 5.0g Ready2Roll Pre-Ground Flower is available in select Missouri dispensaries. The rest of the full product line will be available by the launch of Missouri’s Adult-Use market.

“We designed this line to aid first-time users, those who have not recently smoked, or those with a generally lower tolerance, as a way to evaluate and build their tolerance slowly to ensure their first cannabis experience is a positive one,” said Illicit’s VP of Marketing, David Craig. “With the transition to an Adult-Use market in Missouri, we wanted to release a product collection specifically tailored for those who may be nervous about trying cannabis, or intimidated by the wide variety of products and categories.”

About Illicit Gardens
As Missouri’s best-selling cannabis brand in 2021, Illicit Gardens’ mission is to provide cannabis products with education so that customers can make safe decisions about the marijuana products they purchase. They also have a strong commitment to criminal justice reform in cannabis. Illicit Gardens supports legal fees for those prosecuted for outdated cannabis laws, provides reintegration assistance for those released from incarceration, and raises awareness about how the War on Drugs disproportionately affects those of color. To learn more, view their Freedoms Campaign to hear the firsthand stories of individuals incarcerated unjustly for cannabis.

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