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Illicit Gardens Wins Several Awards, Named Company of the Year by Greenway Magazine

Illicit Gardens Wins Several Awards, Named Company of the Year by Greenway Magazine

Kansas City, Missouri, March 21, 2023 Illicit Gardens, Missouri’s best homegrown cannabis brand, is proud to announce they have won several awards in the latest Best of the Industry: Readers Choice 2023 from Greenway Magazine.

Each year, more than 100,000 people submit nominations to the magazine for companies, brands, leaders, products, and businesses they regard as the Best in the Industry. After hundreds of thousands of votes, Illicit Gardens came out on top in several categories.

Most notably, Greenway readers selected them for Company of the Year. Illicit was also awarded Best Packaging Design, their Live Resin Purple Chem won the Best Live Vape category, and their Live Rosin was named Product of the Year.

COO of Illicit Gardens, Adam Diltz, says consistency drives their success, differentiating Illicit from others in Missouri. “We’re constantly examining our processes, taking them apart, and identifying where we can provide a more consistent product. It’s a painstaking approach, but making incremental steps forward can lead to significant advances over time. Using this tactic, we redeveloped our irrigation systems to improve our ability to consistently deliver nutrients at the right times, and we experimented with multiple substrate varieties to figure out what would perform best in our facility.”

Additionally, Illicit’s ability to connect with their audience through messaging and packaging has also helped them stay relevant, according to Diltz. He explains, “Our messaging around cannabis freedoms and criminal justice reform, as well as the general vibe of the brand really resonates with consumers. Our team predominantly comes from the ‘legacy market’ and loves cannabis culture. We also love music. Music and elements of the music industry are layered throughout our branding. For example, each unique strain art is created as an ‘album cover’ to the feeling they release. Our packaging and product names were designed to give an analogous tangibility to non-digital music media like cassette tapes and records, and our lifestyle imagery is designed to capture the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s with subtle retrowave tones.”

Keep an eye out for new Illicit product releases to drop later this year.

About Illicit Gardens
Illicit offers top-shelf cannabis for the Missouri market with products in over 100 dispensaries. Named to highlight the hypocrisy in the legal system and promote criminal justice reform, Illicit closely monitors their cannabis cultivation and manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality products. They also partner with local and national advocacy groups to overcome marijuana prohibition and support the release of cannabis POWs. Illicit is working to enlighten the public, lawmakers, and law enforcement on how outdated cannabis laws have negatively impacted communities, while also providing education on the positive effects of cannabis. They have fostered relationships at many highly-regarded institutions with leading patient advocacy groups, research, economic development, and re-entry programs, and even within healthcare and criminal justice reform organizations. Illicit hopes you’ll join them in asking the question central to their cause, “Why is cannabis illicit?”

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