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Denver, CO  April 18, 2014

HighSoHigh is announcing the launch of their website along with their first discount offering and event.

Today’s website launch will enable users to log on to to sign up for and redeem discounts for medical marijuana and medical marijuana products. The first coupon is in partnership with Denver, CO dispensary Native Roots Apothecary and is available to be redeemed on the website.

Jason Cox, co-founder of HighSoHigh, says that becoming a subscriber, “allows you to get some great prices from your favorite dispensaries.” He added that the website is “easy to use and is also optimized for your phones… so it’s easy to get these coupons.”

HighSoHigh will continue to grow their awareness by sponsoring large music festivals in addition to a presence at marijuana events in Colorado and Washington. They will be at this weekend’s Cannabis Cup in Denver. All 40,000 tickets to the event have sold out and HighSoHigh will be there with their street team to hand out flyers and over 20,000 stickers and t-shirts.

Cox says that he plans on growing their following of users and merchants throughout Colorado, Washington, and the 20 other states which have legalized medical marijuana.

Additional information:

HighSoHigh was co-founded by Jason Cox and Neil Defalco in May 2013 under the company name, HSH Enterprises, Inc. For the past five years Jason has been the CEO and owner of an investment publishing company. Prior to that, he was a marketing consultant for high traffic websites and helped optimize their profitability. He has also developed a social application that was bought by the founder of Myspace.

Cox believes that HighSoHigh will be a winning arrangement for both users and for dispensaries based on their growth strategy. That plan calls for limiting the amount of coupons and dispensaries involved. Cox says this will enable the greatest savings for subscribers in addition to the protection of profitability for dispensaries.

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