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The Hemp & Cannabis Career Fair: Denver

The Hemp & Cannabis Career Fair: Denver

The cannabis industry is exploding in Denver and this consistent growth has caused a large demand within the industries to bring on fresh, talented individuals to help take their canna-business to the next level.

The Hemp & Cannabis Career Fair looks to bridge the gap between employer and potential job applicant within this exciting industry. There are hundreds of thousands of people in this country alone interested in working within this newly formed industry, however the barrier to entry has remained high over the years as lack of knowledge and awareness has held so many potential people back from getting their foot in the door.

Saturday June 3rd, The Hemp and Cannabis Career Fair is expecting to host over 30 companies looking to place over 200 potential jobs. With thousands of interested and qualified candidates looking to attend that weekend, there is never a shortage of connections to be made. These industries have already proven to be incredibly fruitful to those willing to work for the opportunity they seek, and the THC Career Fair is going to be the place for those opportunists to finally get their foot in the door.

The Fair will be held Saturday June 3rd from 11am – 4pm. Tickets can be found at:

June 3rd


About the hosts:

Cultivated Synergy is a collaborative workspace, event venue and community hub focused on bringing together the industry’s best cannabis-related businesses and community leaders, creatives, and emerging entrepreneurs to share best practices on building and growing sustainable organizations.

Ms. Mary Staffing is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) specializing in Payroll Management, Human Resources Consulting, and Recruitment for the marijuana industry. We bring qualified candidates together with exciting employers in the marijuana industry.

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