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Grown Rogue Named Third Largest Cannabis-Related Business in Oregon

Grown Rogue Named Third Largest Cannabis-Related Business in Oregon

Portland Business Journal Surveyed Thirty-Seven Cannabis Businesses Across the State


April 25, 2018 – Medford, Oregon – Grown Rogue, an Oregon cannabis company featuring a wide range of products designed around experience, was named third largest cannabis-related business in Oregon according to a list published by Portland Business Journal this week. Grown Rogue produces top quality flower, innovative nitrogen-sealed pre-rolls and extracts including oils, shatter, sugar and wax all classified according to the scientific ROGUE Study.

“Grown Rogue is honored to be named the #3 cannabis-related business in the state,” said Grown Rogue Co-Founder and CEO, Obie Strickler. “Our vision is to provide experience cannabis products to enhance people’s lives and improve health and well-being. As we grow, we will always stay true to the Oregon values and culture on which we were founded.”

This was the first cannabis list ever published by the Portland Business Journal, and was compiled based on a survey of thirty-seven cannabis-related firms from across the state. Details include:

779: Combined Oregon employment at firms that responded to the survey for the list
1,038: Combined total employment at firms that responded to the survey for the list
81.6%: Average share of 2017 sales that was business-to-business at firms on the list
18.4%: Average share of 2017 sales that was retail at firms on the list
About Grown Rogue

Grown Rogue is a fully-integrated, seed-to-experience cannabis company, based in Medford, Oregon. The company was co-founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Obie Strickler and Sarah Strickler, with a vision to bring a community-first approach to the recreational cannabis industry, and elevate the cannabis user experience in Oregon. The Oregon cannabis brand’s line of flower, pre-rolls and extracts including shatter, wax, oil and sugar are categorized according to experiences reflected in the name ROGUE – Relax, Optimize, Groove, Uplift and Energize. While other companies’ products are categorized by effect, Grown Rogue is the only company engaging consumers in a long-term study that captures real-time user feedback. Grown Rogue grows the finest cannabis at its two outdoor and one 17,000 s.f. indoor grow operation, utilizing organic farming practices and meeting all Clean Green Certified standards. All Grown Rogue cultivars are Phylos Certified.  The scientific ROGUE study enables Grown Rogue products to help consumers achieve “The Right Experience, Every Time.”™ For more information, visit

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