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Grown Rogue Cannabis Expands Rogue Distribution

Grown Rogue Cannabis Expands Rogue Distribution

August 2, 2018 – Medford, Oregon – Grown Rogue, Oregon’s leading seed-to-experience cannabis brand, has announced plans to expand Rogue Distribution to provide dispensary partners one stop shop for best in class services and products.

Rogue Distribution

A subsidiary of Grown Rogue, Rogue Distribution was established to help leading suppliers and dispensaries join forces to bring transparency and efficiencies to the growing cannabis distribution network. Rogue Distribution distributes many brands, which is helpful for those suppliers that need assistance with reaching other parts of the state, and also creates value for the dispensaries by providing one-stop solutions.

Dispensaries meet with a single sales representative that has an array of brands and options, streamlining the process, saving time and costs for the dispensary – savings which can be passed along to the consumer.

In addition, to add further efficiency, Rogue Distribution has partnered with 365 Cannabis, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, the ultimate “seed to sale” ERP solution, to provide the sophistication, scalability and security of a fully compliant Cannabis business process & POS system to hundreds of Oregon dispensaries and their customers.

With 365 Cannabis ERP software Rogue Distribution will offer small dispensaries that currently use outdated systems (i.e. Excel or paper-based) the ability to experience a Microsoft quality Point-of-Sale system for their retail transactions.

Another benefit of 365 Cannabis ERP software is the “transparent view” it enables between Rogue Distribution and their dispensary customers. This means, when a dispensary is running low on inventory, Rogue Distribution will send an automatic alert to the dispensary to remind them to re-order, greatly minimizing out-of-stock issues.

Cannabis customers will benefit from the detailed information that 365 Cannabis software provides, including data on farms and growers, enabling customers to learn just about everything they want to know about the cannabis they’re buying.

Currently based in Oregon, Rogue Distribution is expanding and replicating this Point-of-Sale and ERP model in other states.

Rogue Distribution Executive Director, Elizabeth Bobek, recently commented on the additional services offering that will be launched late this year, “We have formed partnerships with two leading technology leaders in 365 Cannabis powered by Microsoft NAV and Zing. The 365 Cannabis platform when complete, will allow us to manage every sale and inventory transaction seamlessly while the innovative Zing payment system enables consumers alternative payment methods. All of this translates to automation and simplicity which increases sales and cuts costs for both the end consumer and the entire supply chain.” Ms. Bobek continued, “In addition, we are launching a services team to provide both our supply and dispensary partners with added value business services to make their lives easier in the most tax advantaged way as possible. We look forward to growing with all of our partners to make this the most efficient distribution network there is as we grow together.”

Both dispensary partners and suppliers recount the value and support Rogue Distribution provides. Rob Arnold, owner of Jayne Dispensary in Portland says, “Rogue Distribution is committed to serving our community by building top quality vendors and products to help us make educated buying decisions. They take the guesswork out of a lot of our day-to-day so we can focus on servicing our customers. We subsist on great product and great customer service at Jayne.”

In turn, the multiple brands represented by Rogue Distribution are thankful for a partner that moves product effectively in complex multi-supplier- marketplace as Brittany Ward of Liontree Farms explains; “Liontree Farms and our in-house extract company Sterling Gold were in need of greater distribution in order to highlight the premium quality of our small family farm’s products and increase our growing market share. We narrowed our extensive search to Rogue Distribution, and we have been thoroughly impressed with their support, professionalism and expertise. Working with the Rogue Distribution team has allowed us to focus more on what we love – spending time with our family growing exceptional cannabis.”

Rogue Distribution’s supplier partners include Grown Rogue, Benson Elvis, Liontree Farms, Sterling Gold, Decibel Farms, Rebel Roots Farms, Rogue River Farms, Aardvark Extracts, GRAM, Hermetic Genetics, and Hood River Cannabis Co. Those who are interested in joining Rogue Distribution as a dispensary partner or supplier may contact Elizabeth Bobek:

 About Grown Rogue

Grown Rogue is a fully-integrated, seed-to-experience cannabis company, based in Medford, Oregon. The company was co-founded in 2016 by the husband and wife cannabis entrepreneur team of Obie Strickler and Sarah Strickler, with a vision to bring a community-first approach to the recreational cannabis industry, and elevate the cannabis user experience in Oregon. The Oregon cannabis brand’s line of flower,

pre-rolls and extracts including shatter, wax, oil and sugar are categorized according to experiences reflected in the name Rogue – Relax, Optimize, Groove, Uplift and Energize. While there are other companies that categorize by effect, Grown Rogue is the only company engaging their consumers in a long-term study that captures real-time user-generated feedback. Grown Rogue grows only the finest cannabis at its two outdoor and one 17,000 s.f. indoor grow operation, utilizing organic farming practices and meeting all Clean Green Certified standards. All Grown Rogue cultivars are Phylos Certified and offer “The Right Experience, Every Time.”™ The business now also includes Rogue Distribution and GRAM, a value line of cannabis products. For more information, visit


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